Essential Question for Healthcare: Why Redesign Your Website?

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For the vast majority of hospitals, a redesign is triggered by three events:

  • An organizational-wide rebrand or rename
  • Acquisition or merger with another entity
  • Annual funding cycle catches — e.g. “it’s been too long” or “we’ve asked two budgets ago”

However, this funding decision is just the starting place. Your website is the first — and sometimes only — experience most people have with your system. If your “digital front door” hasn’t been updated in a while, this lack of attention shows up in analytics like a reduction of conversion rates or other important metrics.

Accordingly, the goals of a redesign should always be derived from real, measured user experiences.

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Here are a few examples of concrete redesign goals:

  • A better mobile web experience to drive smartphone engagement

  • Increased utilization of physician and appointment-setting functionality

  • Increased site-to-phone conversions from current campaigns

  • Organic traffic growth, indicating more content is being properly indexed

  • Increased time-on-site as a proxy for user engagement

These site goals translate into key performance indicators (KPIs), ultimately becoming strategic guideposts for the project and measurable post-launch objectives. It’s important to have more clarity around KPIs than in a rebrand effort, for example, as a hospital web redesign project touches so many highly visible people inside your organization. And those very smart people have very strong opinions about what your goals might be.

A concrete, clear, measurable set of goals supported by KPIs that can be produced to address any question about project intent will save you a lot of unproductive stakeholder meeting time.

Are you considering a healthcare website redesign?

Contact us to learn how a KPI workshop can help your team quickly find alignment.

And explore other vital questions to consider when redesigning your healthcare site by downloading our guide, 9 Essential Questions to Ask Before You Redesign Your Healthcare Site.

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