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Does Your BI Light Shine Bright?

Standard Flashlight

As we’re creeping up on longer nights and Halloween this weekend, some of us may be looking for a flashlight soon.  Maybe we have one and it’s in a drawer with dead batteries, maybe someone borrowed it and didn’t put it back last time, maybe it’s time to stop wasting time with the junk flashlight of years gone by and get a new one.  However you go about it, you are looking for that flashlight because you want to be able to see where you’re going and what you’re doing in the dark.

Don’t get stuck in the dark

In business, your Business Intelligence solution is like a flashlight.  They all shine a light on ‘some’ data.  In the right hands, it may keep you on the right path.  But like flashlights, not all BI solutions are created equally.

Who owns and manages your BI solution?  Instead of being hidden in a junk drawer in your kitchen like your flashlight, is it stuck in IT or some other department?  Do you have to wait or ask for additional insights into your data?

Like a basic flashlight whose light only is bright enough to light the way for a few feet in front of the user, is your BI solution only delivering value to a few people in and around your organization?

Let your light shine bright!

Not only should the right BI solutions shine a light on your important KPIs, but it should also be used to share insights throughout your organization and any clients you want to share those insights with.

I’ve put together a little video here to demonstrate the differences here between what can be seen with just a flashlight…and the right flashlight.

Partners for success

If you and your customers aren’t getting the insights you expect to see or want to see from your data, reach out and let us know.  We have amazing local and global delivery teams that can help you deliver powerful insights with Domo.

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Has 20 years of experience in IT/Data and hasn't thrown a computer out the window yet. Now helping clients with their BI needs as a Solutions Architect.

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