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Enhancements to the Acquia Marketing Cloud – Engage 2020

Acquia Marketing Cloud Enhancement

With Acquia Engage 2020 underway, the morning started with some exciting news about Acquia Drupal Cloud, but there are some big new things coming to the Acquia Marketing Cloud as well. The Acquia Marketing Cloud is the suite of tools that enable extended marketing functionality like personalization and marketing automation.

Acquia Marketing Cloud

Last year, the big announcement was the acquisition of AgilOne, which has now become Acquia CDP.  This year’s announcements make it clear that the roadmap is the further integration of these products with a single profile shared across them all.

Marketing Cloud Enhancements

Acquia Marketing Cloud Enhancement


Unified Real-Time Profiles

The major enhancements to the marketing cloud focus on centralizing data in Acquia CDP.  The unification of profiles from Acquia Personalization and Acquia Campaign bring that data into one location.

Universal Segments

Once you leverage Acquia CDP to bring together disparate sets of data, de-duping and using machine learning to resolve identity matching issues, Acquia CDP now has built in segments that allow users to quickly start to group users to understand behavior and design strategies.

360° Marketing Analytics

While it’s important to bring all of this information together into a single view of the user or customer, we need a solution that will deliver insights about customers and roll up trends happening on the site.  The 360° marketing analytics helps to equip your team with information about segments and users.

Predictive Sends Model

Continuing to leverage machine learning, the new predictive models within the CDP allow for a better “next best action” in that user’s journey.  Rather than pouring over data with a data scientist, the AI within Acquia CDP delivers the next step quickly to maximize campaign efficacy.

COVID-19 Analysis Dashboard

An example of how all these pieces come together is a COVID-19 Analysis Dashboard that looks at the ways customer habits shift offline and online as the pandemic progresses.  Without a single view of the customer, both online and offline, this would not be possible.

Future of the Marketing Cloud

An example that Dries outlined in his talk was an abandoned cart campaign that is smart enough to recognize that the user bought the product offline and instead move on to other campaign strategies around upselling.  I personally see these types of things all the time, even when my purchases are online.  I find myself being retargeted to or having products suggested that I have just recently purchased from those very retailers.  In our strides to improve the consumer experience, I find I expect you to have enough data to deliver the best possible experience. Organizations without that type of platform cannot compete with new consumer expectations.

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