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Taking Control of Your Funds to Mitigate Risk with Kyriba

I was onsite at a client’s office on September 29, 2008, when the stock market began to crash. I had just helped the client go live with a global implementation of Kyriba, industry-leading treasury management software, and observed first-hand how the client could utilize the solution to take control of funds and make critical, real-time decisions to help mitigate risks amid a turbulent market.

Financial Crisis

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to breed its own economic and logistic chaos for businesses globally, I am reminded of the Treasury Management system’s importance. Having complete visibility into all accounts/transactions via automated bank connectivity, building streamlined cash management processes governed by secure controls and accesses, and allowing remote user access to the centralized software are imperative during this disaster.

Never has it been more important for an organization to control its Cash Management and Payment processes. Perficient is proud to be a greater part of this solution with its partnership with Kyriba. Our team of Cash Management and Bank Connectivity experts are helping our clients utilize Kyriba’s software to optimize their processes while mitigating the risks during this unprecedented time.

As more and more organizations realize the value of cloud-based software and begin these migrations, it is an important opportunity for financial executives to take a step back and understand how automated bank connectivity via a thorough a Treasury Management tool, such as Kyriba, can be of significant benefit towards overall productivity and security goals.

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Ben Jacoby

With nearly 20 years of Treasury and Treasury Workstation experience, Ben is a consulting expert in the field with a specialization in Kyriba’s offerings. He worked directly for Kyriba from 2003 until 2016, holding various roles, including Implementation Manager and Product Manager. Ben has supported over 100 successful implementations with project lifecycle knowledge from sales and design to implementation and go-live. Since leaving Kyriba, Ben has led implementation teams for Horn Solutions and ERP Logic projects, both based in Texas. We welcome Ben to Perficient, where he will be an integral team member, building our strategic partnership with Kyriba.

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