Announcing Perficient’s Forrester Consulting-Commissioned Study: Get Supply Chain Right!

We are excited to announce the launch of our recent study, Get Supply Chain Right! Intelligent Fulfillment Boosts Customer Service And Return On Inventory Investment. This commissioned Forrester Consulting study includes the results from a survey of more than 200 supply chain professionals to gain insights on how intelligent order management and automated supply chains are being utilized throughout US companies.

In the age and expansion of digital commerce, companies seeing a rise in online orders are finding it imperative to strategically manage inventory and efficiently fulfill orders. Without intelligent order management and automation throughout the supply chain, this can prove overwhelmingly complex for many organizations. The main question is: How many companies are truly harnessing the power of automated order management for intelligent order fulfillment, and what is the outcome for those who aren’t?

Curious About Our Findings?

Our study found that companies using manual, rules-based processes face challenges managing their supply chains and fulfilling orders without the addition of intelligent and automated order management systems. This leads to lost time, revenue, and customers.

To read the study and learn more about our in-depth findings, download the Forrester Consulting study. And to get a front-row seat to hear from the specialists themselves, be sure to register for our upcoming webinar hosted by Perficient supply chain experts, Steve Gatto and Sean Breeze, featuring Forrester’s George Lawrie, How to Drive Better Customer Service with Intelligent Order Management.

With more than 20 years of expertise in order management systems (OMS), our team of experts understands how to leverage its ever-changing benefits in conjunction with supply chain to provide a powerful commerce experience. Along with our unparalleled skills and knowledge, our award-winning partnership with IBM has enabled us to deliver over 500 successful order management solutions for our clients and their businesses. Download the study today.

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Marit Sosnoff

Marit Sosnoff is a Marketing Coordinator on the Platforms and Technology pillar at Perficient. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family, taking walks, and discovering new places.

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