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One of the capabilities of OneStream XF is the ability to present data not loaded to a cube.  In this blog, I will discuss how to add a hyperlink to a report and render an invoice.  The GolfStream application will be utilized to document and demonstrate this functionality.

For individuals familiar with GolfStream, the Houston entity has a trial balance import “1” and a sales detail import “2”.  With respect to the Sales Detail import, the Invoice No is included on the Import but not loaded to the cube and will be utilized to demonstrate reporting with non-OneStream data by including a hyperlink and querying stage data.  A sample of the Invoice No is shaded in the second image for reference.  Note, the query could be any data OneStream has access to and is appropriate for the audience.

Blog05 01

Blog05 02

To begin the report development, the Application tab is selected and then a Dashboard Maintenance Unit “Add Hyperlink” is created.

Blog05 03

Next create a data adapter, da_Hyperlink, which will have a Command Type of SQL “1” and a Database Location of Application “2” as displayed in the second image.

Blog05 04

Blog05 05

Once the data adapter is created, a SQL query is added.  The highlighted text will be the hyperlink to the PDF of the invoice and the other fields displayed between the SELECT and FROM are included for the initial display of the result set with only A1 “Invoice #” and InvoiceAmount used in this blog.  After the SQL is added, select OK and then save the Data Adapter.

Blog05 06 02

With the Data Adapter created, the next step is to create a Report Dashboard Component.  Select Components “1”, icon Create Dashboard Components “2”, Report “3” and then OK “4”.

Blog05 07

Add a name, rpt_Hyperlink “1”, to the Component Properties and then add the previously created Data Adapter “2” to Data Adapters which is displayed in the second image.  Once this is done, select Save.

Blog05 08

Blog05 09

If you have version 6.1.1 of OneStream installed, select Report Designer; otherwise, select OneStream Studio the previous installation of which is assumed.  As this blog will continue with OneStream Studio as the report authoring product, launch OneStream Studio and then log into the OneStream_Golfstream application.

Blog05 10

Navigate to and select the report, rpt_Hyperlink, previously created.  Once the dashboard component is selected, right-click, and choose New Layout.

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Blog05 11

Select OK to confirm the creation of a new empty layout.

Blog05 12

From the Report Explorer, select Field List.

Blog05 13 Blog05 14

Drag and drop the A1 field from the Field List.  Once this is done, expand the width of the field to about two inches either by dragging the field or updating the Appearance,  Size, Width to 200 which is displayed in the second image.

Blog05 15

Blog05 16

Drag and drop the Invoice Amount field from the Field List and place next to the right edge of A1.  Once this is done, format the Invoice Amount to a number that is displayed in the second image.

Blog05 28

Blog05 29

For brevity, the remaining formatting steps are skipped, and the final report layout is displayed to provide a reference.

Blog05 30

With the A1 field selected, select the Data icon Blog05 31 located as a selection of the Properties Window.

Blog05 17

Select and expand the following (Data Bindings) “1”, Navigation URL “2” and Bindings “3”.  From the drop-down, select the Hyperlink “4” field.  Once this is done select Save.

Blog05 18

Select Save and then Preview which is located and the bottom of the Report Layout display.

Blog05 19

After the data displayed, click any of the Invoice numbers which will display the PDF of the invoice.

Blog05 20

Blog05 21

To enable this functionality from OneStream, return to OneStream and create a Dashboard Group Blog05 32 named Hyperlink.  Once this is done, select Save.

Blog05 22

Create a Dashboard Blog05 23 also named, Hyperlink.  The add the Dashboard Component, rpt_Hyperlink, previously created which is displayed in the second image.  Once this is done, select Save.

Blog05 24

Blog05 25

With the Dashboard saved, select View Dashboard Blog05 26 which will generate the next image.  Same as before clicking any of the Invoice numbers will display the PDF of the invoice.

Blog05 27

I hope this blog has been helpful and thank you for reading.  If you have any questions, feel free to either post a comment to the blog or email me at

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