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Integrating Clinical Trial Data from Various Systems and Vendors With Clinical One

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The next Oracle webinar on Clinical One promises to explain how:

  • Digital Gateway, an integration hub, makes it easier to gather data from multiple clinical trial systems and vendors
  • To manage integrations properly in Clinical One

Integrating Clinical One with InForm, Siebel CTMS, and some other systems is already possible. However, additional out-of-the-box integrations will be considered in the future if customers request them.

The ability to integrate Clinical One with solutions like InForm means that clinical trial data for ongoing studies could be pulled into a single platform, alongside data for new clinical trials in the same program or therapeutic area.

Understanding these types of features is critical when building a roadmap to transition to a unified clinical development platform like Clinical One.

To register for the webinar about integrations, as well as others, please click on the links below.

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Caz Halsey, Director, Life Sciences

Caroline Halsey has over 20 years’ experience in the clinical trials industry from various angles including consulting, data management, project and operational management. Recent responsibilities include oversight of the development of a bespoke medical coding system for a major pharma and working to develop InForm EDC study build services at Perficient, alongside responsibilities as Director within the Perficient Life Sciences Business Unit.

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