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[Invitation] Clinical One Fireside Chat with Oracle’s Global VP of Life Sciences Product Strategy

Clinical One

Over the last couple of years, Oracle has been incredibly hard at work developing, from the ground up, what many are calling a game-changer for Oracle—and its customers. It’s called Clinical One.

If your company uses any Oracle Health Sciences applications, you’ve probably already heard a little about Clinical One. You may already have received a demo.

Either way, as with any new solution, most people have questions. Lots of questions, including:

  • What is Clinical One, and how is it different from Oracle’s other applications?
  • How can Clinical One change my business?
  • What are the advantages of Clinical One over other vendor solutions?
  • What functionality is available today, and what is to come?
  • How does Clinical One impact the ongoing development of systems, such as InForm, Argus Safety, Siebel CTMS, and DMW?
  • How does it work with non-Oracle solutions?

These are just some of the questions you may have, and the ones that we’ll cover on our September 30th webinar where we’ll go “straight to the top” with our guests Mike Grossman, GM, Life Sciences from Perficient, and Jim Streeter, Global VP, Life Sciences Product Strategy from Oracle. Mike and Jim will have an unscripted conversation about Clinical One in front of a live audience.

It will be natural, honest, and we hope an excellent first step for companies interested in transforming their clinical operations with technology. It will also be very beneficial for Oracle Clinical and InForm customers who want to know more about the direction Oracle is heading with regard to data collection.

Don’t miss it! But even if you can’t join, be sure to register and we’ll share a recording with you afterwards.

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