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Life at Perficient

Technology and Fun Merge at Perficient’s Lafayette Delivery Center

Perficient's Lafayette Office Exterior Street View Shaded By a Tree

Meet Some of Our Perficient Colleagues from Lafayette, Louisiana

surabhi perficient lafayette“I work in the QA practice for Lafayette Delivery Center (LDC). I have worked in Quality Assurance (QA) lead capacity for multiple clients. I have helped set up Automated Testing framework and best practices. I also work with QA Center of Excellence at LDC and host the QA workshop.” Surabhi Nigam, Senior Technical Consultant

austin works at perficient“As an associate technical consultant at Perficient, some of my common tasks include working with our client to onboard users into their new named user system and ensure that the transition is smooth and that the user gets the most out of the new system. I frequently work with the other Perficient technical consultants and business analysts on our 21-person team to ensure that we are meeting our client’s numbers and to ensure we are doing the best possible development work for our client. Our client benefits from this work as they have been trying to push the majority of their user base to adopt their new named user system. With our team’s help, the client has been able to transition a significant portion of their userbase to a named user system and allowed us the opportunity to help develop the tools that their clients will use to manage these users.” Austin Spinazze, Associate Technical Consultant

sara roberts - work at perficient“I am currently assigned to the Adobe Stock Premium Onboarding Team as a Lead Program Manager. The goal of my team is to onboard my client’s customers with the client’s software products. My daily tasks include working sessions with the end-users to assign the products they’ve purchased from my client and then reporting on those onboarding activities to my client’s upper management. My team works closely with both the Perficient Minneapolis branch as well as client-side contacts to best serve my client’s customers. Adobe benefits from the work I do through the reporting and tracking my team provides.” Sara Roberts, Associate Technical Consultant

ryan perficient is best tech job“As a Senior Technical Consultant, I have many tasks that are required. Many of these duties are for my client, and some are for Perficient. A few examples include technical and user documentation, development, process improvement, time and task management, team building, meetings, mentorship, volunteering for cultural events, and interviews. I work with my client daily, which includes business analysts, developers, database administrators, and end-users. I report to the Lafayette Delivery Center general manager and work with many people around Perficient, especially in the LDC. My clients benefit from my work because the employees of the client do not have time to implement everything needed. They also benefit from the research, process improvement, and documentation I do.” Ryan Bourque, Senior Technical Consultant

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Engaging Leadership Inspires Collaboration and Teamwork

“I love what I do as a Program Manager and I’m grateful that LDC Management has taken the time to talk to me one-on-one to discover my interests and personal goals.” Sara Roberts, Associate Technical Consultant

“The culture is a lot like a professional sports team. You have a General Manager, Directors (coaches), Team Leads (captains), and other players. Everyone is playing for the same goal, and sometimes that means different things to different people. The leadership is really great! They trust that they have the right people in the right place. They trust that if they give a task it will be done. They don’t micromanage. They are always available for questions but believe that if you say you can do something, it will be done. The community is a good one. Most people volunteer for different Pillars and Centers of Excellences (COEs). There are teams for anyone’s skill set and preferences.” Ryan Bourque, Senior Technical Consultant

“I think the part that separates the LDC and Perficient as a whole from the rest of the consulting companies out there is the leadership. The general manager at our office is outstanding and makes the LDC feel like a big family. She truly cares about us and wants to see us reach our full potential and I believe that may be why I decided to go with Perficient over other consulting firms even though they offered me more money.” Austin Spinazze, Associate Technical Consultant

New Technology and Impressive Clients Amplify Career Growth

Surabhi Nigam Bridge

Surabhi Nigam, Senior Technical Consultant

“One of my favorite parts about working at Perficient is the support I’ve received personally from the LDC. Though I started as an Associate Technical Consultant, LDC Management has been supportive in my journey of discovering my own career path and has encouraged me to explore new interests.” Sara Roberts, Associate Technical Consultant

“My time at Perficient has been instrumental in both professional and personal growth for me. I have worked with numerous big clients and have made an impression on them. I have learned new technology and improved interpersonal skills. I have helped my colleagues in building their careers. I am more outgoing and confident about myself now.” Surabhi Nigam, Senior Technical Consultant

“Everyone is always really supportive and is always ready to jump in and help if you ever find yourself stuck with an unsolvable bug.” Austin Spinazze, Associate Technical Consultant

“Our office hosts a wide range of experts on various topics, and all of my coworkers are eager to share their expertise. If someone in the office has an interest in learning a certain skill or technology, there is always a coworker around willing to serve as a mentor. It’s always easy to find someone to ask for advice.” — Sara Roberts, Associate Technical Consultant 

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Happiness Matters: Building a Work Culture  

sara roberts

Sara Roberts, Associate Technical Consultant

“The LDC feels like one big family. The LDC also welcomes the team to join in on company-wide activities like Game Night, Karaoke, and Potlucks which are a lot of fun and a good way to connect with one another. We also always have opportunities to give back to the Lafayette community, such as our Food Drive to help support a local food bank during the COVID19 pandemic.”Sara Roberts, Associate Technical Consultant

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“The culture at the LDC is frankly amazing. I would say the best part about working at the LDC is they allow us to not only decide what interests we want to pursue but also help us to grow and become the best consultants we can be.” Austin Spinazze, Associate Technical Consultant

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“A few good questions to ask yourself if you would be a good fit in the LDC:

  • Do I like working with and around other people? If you are a loner who enjoys working in a single-person office and not interact with people then maybe this should be evaluated.
  • Do I like to learn new things? MaryBeth is a fantastic leader. She is always pushing you, in a good way, to better yourself. This sometimes means that you are put into a position where you might not be comfortable because you must learn new technologies, be on a new team, or work in a different process. This only shows your mettle and allows you to gain experience and knowledge.” Ryan Bourque, Senior Technical Consultant
Open House in Lafayette

Welcoming you with a smile!

“At LDC we take pride in our work culture. Most of us work from our downtown office and we are an interesting group of people. We have built an environment which is Nurturing, Motivating, Innovative, Rewarding, Fun and does not shy from challenging colleagues to explore and work at the top of their skill sets.” Surabhi Nigam, Senior Technical Consultant

“LDC management also celebrates my outside-of-work hobbies and welcomes them into the office. I enjoy art and being creative, and the LDC has encouraged me to bring that creativity to our Culture and Philanthropy pillar.” Sara Roberts, Associate Technical Consultant

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What Does it Take to Work at Perficient?

“If someone is passionate about technology and wants to build a career in it, LDC is the place to be. Most importantly they should be open to bringing cookies/donuts on their first day :).” Surabhi Nigam, Senior Technical Consultant

Austin Spinazze Perficient Lafayette

Austin Spinazze, Associate Technical Consultant

“If someone is looking for endless opportunities to grow personally and professionally, that person would be a great fit for the LDC. As a consultant, we’re required to wear different hats and to exercise our skills in a variety of ways. If someone is interested in expanding on their repertoire of technical abilities and opening themselves to new prospects, the LDC is a great place to do so!” Sara Roberts, Associate Technical Consultant

“I think some of the characteristics the LDC looks for when it hires are people who are positive and good communicators. I would say the latter is probably the most important. That does not mean you have to necessarily be great at talking to people directly but be able to articulate to a client or teammate what exactly they need or are trying to do. Being a great developer does not necessarily make you a great consultant. Being a great consultant means being able to communicate with the client, understand their needs, and then delivering those needs to the highest quality possible.” Austin Spinazze, Associate Technical Consultant

“You should know that you are expected to contribute not only to the technical side of the business but the culture as well. What makes the LDC great is that we want to make it a great place to work. That only happens when the people involved put in the effort to make it a great place to work.” Ryan Bourque, Senior Technical Consultant

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At Perficient, we continually look for ways to champion and challenge our talented workforce with interesting projects for high-profile clients, encourage personal and professional growth through training and mentoring, and celebrate our people-oriented culture and the innovative ways they serve Perficient and the community.

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