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[Guide] Digital Health Jump Starts: Build Payor/Provider Resilience During COVID-19

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COVID-19 appears certain to be a long-term challenge, with successive, overlapping waves of surge and retreat.

Healthcare providers and payors remain immersed in the pandemic. Deaths and hospital admissions are well above normal levels, requiring emergency response measures to manage and care for thousands of patients.

Many questions, nuanced by geographic and demographic considerations remain: How will we prioritize care and recover revenue? How will subsequent surges and troughs create new challenges or opportunities? What will the new normal look like and when will it arrive?

Despite the uncertainty, the vital role of digital health is now more firmly established.

How that role comes to be defined remains an open question.

How will healthcare organizations embrace this opportunity to supercharge their digital assets and use them as a key pillar of future business resilience? We see responses developing in phases, initially focused on reaction and adjusting to the new reality. Thereafter, the long-term environment is now fully primed for digital health’s more central, dynamic role in meeting consumers’ evolving healthcare expectations.

Digital health will play a major role in the way healthcare will be conducted and managed going forward. To help guide you as you change from a reactive to a long-term proactive focus, our thought leaders have explored ways you can harness technology solutions in response to COVID-19.

A new guide assists you in the ongoing reaction phase: immediate responses that can be invoked with limited effort since they are available on-demand, as-a-service, and delivered digitally. They focus predominantly on swiftly implemented self-service, community support, communication, and outreach.

  • Automate user interaction with chatbots
  • Meet call center demand… at scale
  • Cultivate rapid, tailored outreach powered by CRM
  • Boost existing resources with powerful enhancements
  • Promote better health… delivered
  • Leverage technology for “extra hands” support

Learn more today by downloading our guide, Rapid Response Technology Solutions for COVID-19.

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