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Upcoming WHODrug Koda Webinar


I am looking forward to talking about Perficient’s WHODrug Koda interface in a webinar next week and how you can integrate it into your medical coding activities. The interface we developed enables a direct connection between medical coding systems and UMC’s WHODrug Koda coding engine.

The coding engine uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the coding of drug names and ATC selection, improving consistency and operational efficiency. It can also be used to accelerate dictionary upgrades, including the transition from WHODrug B2 format to B3.

UMC used VigiBase to train WHODrug Koda, and our evaluation of Koda’s capabilities and results makes us believe it’s a great solution, as you would expect. Specifically, we believe Koda could be of great benefit to the coding community by taking advantage of AI to handle the ever-increasing volumes of data to code.

To register, please visit:

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Caz Halsey, Director, Life Sciences

Caroline Halsey has over 20 years’ experience in the clinical trials industry from various angles including consulting, data management, project and operational management. Recent responsibilities include oversight of the development of a bespoke medical coding system for a major pharma and working to develop InForm EDC study build services at Perficient, alongside responsibilities as Director within the Perficient Life Sciences Business Unit.

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