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Upcoming Webinar – Making the Most of Power Platform Center of Excellence


If you are at all a Microsoft follower – and with 82% of enterprises using Microsoft Office according to a recent survey by Spiceworks, chances are you’re at least peripherally aware of Microsoft products and solutions – then you may also be hearing all of the buzz around Power Platform. Power Platform is Microsoft’s low-code platform that spans Office 365, Azure, Dynamics 365, and standalone applications. Power Platform helps drive business transformation by reducing development costs and increasing overall efficiency.

Put simply, Power Platform is leading a new era of DIY app development that promises new frontiers with quick and easy app building and data insights.

The benefits of Power Platform are mind-boggling as well:

• 188% ROI over three years
• 74% reduction in app development costs
• 3.2 hours per week of average improvement of line-of-business employee productivity

It’s little wonder that Power Platform is gaining such momentum. The solution offers the ability for “Citizen Developers” to build data-driven business solutions that can help digitize and automate business processes.

But the first step in leveraging the Power Platform to foster creativity and innovation is often building a Center of Excellence (CoE), which can help you develop a strategy for adopting and supporting the Power Platform while maintaining oversight and governance.
Microsoft has this to say about CoE:

“A CoE is designed to drive innovation and improvement, and through its central function can break down geographic and organizational silos in order to bring together like minded people with similar business goals to share knowledge and success, whilst at the same time providing standards, consistency, and governance to the organization.” – Blog post by Denise Moran, Microsoft Program Manager

As Microsoft’s Power Platform continues to drive transformational app modernization efforts, it might be a good time to join our experts Joel Oleson and Eric Schmitt on Thursday, July 16th at 1 pm CDT for a virtual discussion around the top benefits of a CoE as well as tips and best practices for creating a Power Platform CoE of your own. Register here to reserve your spot.

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