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Perficient’s Green Team Shares Top Tips During Quarantine

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The work we do each day is only part of the responsibility we take on. As a global company, the need for community and connection is nurtured through shared vales among colleagues. Perficient colleagues are leaders in their communities and go above and beyond to do what’s right in every situation, even when no one is watching. (Integrity is actually one of our leading Values!) Encouraging sustainability is just one of those ways we give back to our communities.

The current pandemic has changed our everyday lives. It’s even changed how we can be green. And while it can be argued that CO2 emissions are down due to lower amounts of traffic, we’ve been increasing other forms of pollution. We’ve now been using more energy resources such as water and electricity (hello internet usage!) in our day-to-day individually instead of as a collective whole.

As a member of our Green Team in St. Louis, I wanted to see what others in our group were doing to combat this. Our Green Team’s mission is simple. We are focused and committed to bringing awareness of environmental issues that affect our everyday lives. Through research, communication, and determination, we hope to deliver better and brighter tomorrows.

Check out some of our tips to help you stay green during quarantine and beyond!

How Colleagues Go Green at Home

  1. Use natural light when possible.
  2. Use cold water to wash clothes.
  3. Turn off the AC during the day and use the internal fan for air circulation. If that’s impossible for you (like me), turn the temperature down, or to eco mode on your thermostat.
  4. Turn off lights when leaving a room.
  5. Install solar powered landscaping lights.
  6. Make sure when electronics aren’t in use, to unplug or turn them off.

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Colleagues Encourage Others to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  1. Educate your family, housemates, or neighbors on how to recycle!
  2. Recycle all you can and be diligent about it. Clean your items out so there’s no food waste (check out these recycling tips!).Reuse, Reduce, Recycle Concept Background
  3. Create a compost bin. You can also use this for natural fertilizer for your garden.
  4. Recycle your K-cups by removing the tops, composting the coffee grounds and filters, and recycling the rest.
  5. Purchase reusable items like small towels to replace paper towels and washable ziplocks.
  6. Add a water restrictor to your shower to save water.
  7. Donate clothing you’re no longer using. Or, if you have old clothes that can’t be worn, use those for rags.
  8. If possible, buy reusable cloth masks instead of disposable ones.
  9. Now that we can’t use reusable bags at most stores, opt for paper as it’s easier to recycle. Bonus – you can even use them for crafts!

Cooking Up Sustainability in the Kitchen

  1. Grow your own vegetable and herb garden. Bonus – you can pick your lunch and avoid packaging.
  2. If you want to avoid K-cups, get a classic coffee machine. Bonus – you can compost the coffee and filter after.
  3. Drink out of reusable cups, not water bottles. You can even get a Brita for filtered water.
  4. Use reusable straws.
  5. Try to buy food products that aren’t in plastic.
  6. Ordering takeout? Let the restaurant know you don’t need disposable utensils and napkins.
  7. Find yourself drinking a lot of wine? Explore different sustainable brands. Also ensure that you’re recycling your wine containers correctly. Rinse bottles, recycle boxes, and throw out pouches.

Homegrown tomatoes


Growing your own herbs is easy and helpful!


Colleagues Enjoy Transportation Alternatives

  1. Walk to your destinations when possible.
  2. Use rentable scooters.
  3. Choose to ride your bike to run local errands.

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Be the Impact

Wherever you are on your sustainability journey, know that you’re making an impact. While we don’t have the ease of our shared office recycling bins, efficient office lighting, and more, there’s so much you can do at home to help the world be a greener place. Get creative. Get outside. Just do.

A special shout out to: Natalie Dresner, associate marketing coordinator; Ryan Manse, associate technical consultant; Garrett Hill, senior marketing coordinator; Aimee Hagnauer, associate marketing coordinator; Kiley Herndon, senior marketing coordinator; Marisa Lather, employment branding marketing manager; Kelly Scott, payroll coordinator; Dan Dunsworth, corporate project manager; Jason Hudnall, general manager; and Matt Langley, marketing coordinator; for sharing their sustainability tips with us!



At Perficient, we continually look for ways to champion and challenge our talented workforce with interesting projects for high-profile clients, encourage personal and professional growth through training and mentoring, and celebrate our people-oriented culture and the innovative ways they serve Perficient and the community.

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Sarah Shapiro, Regional Marketing Manager

Sarah Shapiro is a Regional Marketing Manager based out of St. Louis, Missouri. Sarah oversees marketing efforts for Perficient's GEO business units across the United States. She is a proud member of Perficient's Women in Tech ERG and serves on the Special Olympics of Missouri Young Professionals Board

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