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Have You Heard About Oracle’s Clinical One?

Clinical One

Over the last few years, Oracle has been hard at work developing its newest flagship clinical trials platform called Clinical One. The company has invested a significant amount of money and personnel in building the platform. While there are many more capabilities to come over the next few years, you can already leverage Clinical One for data collection, randomization, and trial supplies management.

Clinical One is different from Oracle’s legacy clinical and safety applications for a variety of reasons. For one, it’s what’s under the hood—the parts that enable it to be different. Clinical One was designed and built from the ground up using the most sophisticated technology stack currently available, both hardware and software. The result is an incredibly powerful solution with very few issues.

Another significant difference with Clinical One is that it is, in fact, a unified platform. When you run a trial, lots of different systems come into play, resulting in a lot of duplicate efforts, loss of time, and, inevitably, cost. With Clinical One, you sign into one platform, validate one platform, and upgrade one platform. There’s no need to perform these activities separately. Moreover, over time, all the capabilities you need to run a trial will be available within one platform.

Randomization and trial supplies management (RTSM) and data collection are the first capabilities released in the platform, making building and running studies seamless. For example, investigator site information entered into the system for RTSM does not need to be entered in the data management system, as RTSM and data collection capabilities are combined.

Oracle Clinical and InForm users, along with users familiar with other EDC systems, will undoubtedly be happy to see the direction Oracle is going. It’s also important to note that this system is “open,” which means that you can integrate complementary solutions from Oracle and other software vendors into the platform using RESTful web services.

As an Oracle partner, we are committed to supporting Oracle and the overall vision it has for Clinical One, which is why we have resources dedicated to learning the platform and enhancing our services.

Our subject matter expertise and technical experience with Oracle Clinical and InForm, not to mention our 20-plus years of Oracle partnership, uniquely enables us to support customers that are interested in migrating to the Clinical One.

We’d like to invite those interested in learning more about Clinical One to attend several virtual webinars. We aren’t presenting, but we feel it’s in your best interest to hear what Oracle has to say.

Upcoming webinars:

  • The Future of Clinical Trials: Reimagine the Way Technology and Data Support Clinical Research
  • Beyond EDC – Don’t Just Capture Data, Collect It
  • Oracle Health Sciences – Moving Beyond EDC with Clinical One
  • EDC Transformation: Meet Today’s Clinical Trial Demands

If you are interested in discussing Clinical One, please reach out to your Perficient contact or send me a note.

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