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Getting Patients to Come Back: Salesforce Revenue Recovery for Healthcare Providers

Monitoring The Health Of Their Patients

From crisis to recovery, healthcare providers have been on the front lines for months, protecting the health, safety, and well-being of communities nationwide. But as restrictions are lifted and doors are reopened, there’s another big challenge on the horizon for many healthcare systems.

The big question: when will patients come back – and how quickly?

Early research indicates that 60% of patients are worried about returning to care sites.

As states gradually resume elective procedures and other modes of care, patients are looking for reassurance to ease their fears – and demand and capacity won’t return in equal measure. So how can providers manage those fluctuations in demand, recover revenue for non-urgent services, and build patient trust in the process?

Right Patient, Right Message, Right Time

This month, Perficient unveiled its “Revenue Recovery Jumpstart for Healthcare” to aid healthcare systems as they usher in a new reality in the wake of COVID-19.

Leveraging the power of Salesforce, these digital solutions can help hospitals solve three key challenges in the months ahead:

#1: Stay connected with patients. That includes improving digital experiences, measuring and refining engagement, and ensuring patients connect automatically with available practitioners.

#2: Manage fluctuations in demand. As elective procedures and other modes of care restart, hospitals can quickly match patients with capacity in real-time – filling in the “potholes” and mitigating peaks in demand.

#3: Increase revenue. The market for patients has been dramatically impacted by COVID-19. And with a decreased likelihood for individuals to seek care, competition will continue to rise. That means increasing patient acquisition, engagement and overall revenue will be more important than ever before.

This turn-key solution can be rapidly deployed by hospital systems within six weeks and includes three months of support.

How It Works: Key Benefits for Providers

Here’s a closer look at some of the biggest benefits, powered by Marketing Cloud and clinical encounter data. As a healthcare provider, you can:

  • Build triggers by physician, service line, and location to optimize your system’s availability for clinical interactions.
  • Automate patient engagement based on available capacity. (Systems are immediately optimized as appointments and locations go online.)
  • Drive revenue whose projected ROI exceeds set financial thresholds.
  • Measure and refine engagement to improve success.
  • Provide outreach and increase acquisition via channels most preferred by patients, including highly targeted direct mail, promotional search and social media.

Plus, it can all be extended through call centers. Even on today’s healthcare websites, phone calls still represent up to 70% of all lead generation activity. Our experts can offer warm handoffs, provide HIPAA-compliant call recording, automate lead scoring and more to ensure you can monitor – and maximize – real-time responses to campaigns.

How to Learn More

Want to learn more about best practices for driving measurable patient volume? Or see the real-world results that we’ve delivered for other industry leaders in healthcare? Contact us using the convenient form below. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Remember, we’re here – and ready – whenever you need us.

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