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14 Reasons Why You Should Grow Your Pega Career at Perficient

Pega Dev Job Perficient

If you’ve driven a car, used a credit card, submitted a claim, or performed countless other everyday tasks, you’ve likely interacted with Pega. But what is it like to build those solutions, and better yet, why would someone want to build those solutions as part of the Pega team at Perficient? 

According to our clients, our Pega team is top-notch. But if you really want to get to the heart of what we do, keep reading to learn what our employees say about working on the Pega team at Perficient.

(Spoiler alert: they highly recommend it.)

Perficient Colleagues Describe the Pega Team

“The Perficient Pega team works as a collaborative, virtual unit. We work on a range of engagements that span different industries, locations, and business units,” explains Dana Blades, Senior Technical Consultant. “In addition to projects, we work together to develop POCs, internal projects, and business pursuits.”

“The Pega team consists of a rational, forward-thinking, and extremely dynamic group of people who strongly believe in doing the right thing,” Udy Sharma, Director, Automation continues. “This is a team that defines and realizes its success by heavily investing in continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence in its projects, products, and processes. Collaboration and teamwork lie at the very heart of everything that we undertake to do.”

14 Reasons Why You Should Grow Your Pega Career at Perficient

1. Be Excited to Come to Work Everyday

L Denton

Lindsay Denton, Project Manager

“What makes me the most excited to come to work each day with the Pega Team was the curiosity of how best to implement within the guardrails provided by the Pega software. With the easy to use interface and unique layer cake design, implementation could be done in a few different ways, so it was fun to discuss how and why each way was best.”  Lindsay Denton, Project Manager, Healthcare

2. Delivering Work with Real-Life Impact

“My current engagement is extremely personal. It’s exciting to be a key member of a project in which the end-solution will ultimately be used by everyone I know, including myself.” Jeff Schimmel, Lead Business Consultant, Automation Consulting

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3. Enjoy Autonomy and Flexibility

Dana Blades

Dana Blades, Senior Technical Consultant

“The Perficient Pega Team would be a good fit if you enjoy autonomy and flexibility. We always have new, exciting opportunities in the pipeline.” Dana Blades, Senior Technical Consultant

4. Get the Close Team Vibe, with Big Company Perks

“Under the larger Perficient umbrella, the Pega team is relatively small. As a result, you get to know everyone in the group really well and will most likely work with them all at some point.  From my experience over the years, I think the biggest factor that determines if someone is a good culture fit is really just being a team player. Someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that we are delivering the solution to our client is going to succeed within the group.” Jeff Schimmel, Lead Business Consultant, Automation Consulting

5. Gain Certifications and Grow Your Pega Career at Perficient

“I enjoy the time to work on projects as well as my professional development. I have access to training and continuing education. Perficient encourages you to gain certifications, steer your career, and reach your professional goals.” Dana Blades, Senior Technical Consultant

Udy Perficient Pega Job

Udy Sharma, Director

6. Lean Into Your Ability to Contribute to Something Greater

“I am thankful for this opportunity that has allowed me to work with such great people and contribute to all the great work that they do. This has proven to be the best learning experience of my life.” Udy Sharma, Director, Automation

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7. The Professional and Personal Development Opportunities 

“Within the Pega team, there is ample room for professional growth, learning experience, and advancement. Pega Leadership does a really good job supporting employee growth and is committed to understanding what each member of the team is looking for in career paths.  Whether it’s short term goals such as learning a new Pega technology or certification or longer-term goals such as a path towards team leadership, the team will ensure that there is a foundational plan in place for these goals to be achieved.” Jeff Schimmel, Lead Business Consultant, Automation Consulting

DID YOU KNOW: All Perficient employees get access to the Perficient Learning Platform where they can grow their technical or business skills in addition to life skills ranging from time management and communication to personal skills like a new language or even arts and creativity!

8. Be Part of an Inclusive Team

“The Pega team has a very inclusive and open culture, a place where you have the freedom to share your ideas and thoughts and know that they will be heard. Employee engagement is something particularly the leadership focuses on, so everyone has a say. One immediately has such a sense of belonging and ownership being a part of this team.” Udy Sharma, Director, Automation

9. Have Colleagues, but Also Friends

Jeff Schimmel Perficient Pega

Jeff Schimmel, Lead Business Consultant

“We are work colleagues but also friends: First and foremost, members of the Pega team are work colleagues staffed together on client engagements. However, over the years, I have built genuine friendships with members of the group outside of the office which has had a positive impact on my professional setting.” Jeff Schimmel, Lead Business Consultant, Automation Consulting

10. Contribute to Teamwork Built on Hard Work and Transparency

“I fervently believe that members of the Pega team are some of the hardest working people I know. I see on a day-to-day basis the team going above and beyond to help our client meet their needs. Whether it’s working late at night to fix or a problem or brainstorming ideas for a new solution, the team is always doing whatever they can to help. This hard-working attitude from the top-down helps create a culture of transparency where everyone in the group understands what is expected and creates a positive daily experience.” Jeff Schimmel, Lead Business Consultant, Automation Consulting

11. Find Your Place in a Close Team

“The culture on the Pega team is a close one. Due to the nature of how the software is implemented, team members from all different areas of delivery must work closely together to be successful. Thus, the team spends a lot of time together and usually shares ideas (and project woes) during time outside the office, as well.” Lindsay Denton, Project Manager, Healthcare

Perficient Culture

12. Always Learning and Building Skills

“I tremendously enjoy being a part of the Pega team and would not have it another way. Being part of this team, I get to wear multiple hats which feeds my hunger for continuous learning and skill development. The fast-paced, non-monotonic, and challenging nature of work is particularly exciting for me.” Udy Sharma, Director, Automation

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13. Be Ready for Team Success

“An individual working on the Pega team should be prepared to be a team player. Frequently in Pega implementations, we may be required to lend a helping hand in another area, or expand our experience with the product team to ensure implementation is successful.” Lindsay Denton, Project Manager, Healthcare

14. Solve Problems and Stay Engaged with Challenging Projects

“If you have a penchant for challenges and you love to embrace change, this might be the right team for you. If you are looking for a set of highly motivated, self-driven individuals to work with, this is definitely the place for you.” Udy Sharma, Director, Automation

Be Part of a Growing, Successful Company with a Great Reputation

As a leading global digital consultancy transforming how the world’s leading enterprises and biggest brands connect with customers and grow their businesses, Perficient has more than 20 years in the industry and nearly 4,000 colleagues worldwide, bringing experience and expertise, speed and agility, and a healthy dose of pragmatism to drive our clients’ businesses forward.

We are a Pegasystems partner that combines the power of Pega’s DPA platform for customer engagement and operational excellence with our own strategy and delivery expertise to create industry-leading solutions that set our customers apart from the competition. 

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Perficient Values



At Perficient, we continually look for ways to champion and challenge our talented workforce with interesting projects for high-profile clients, encourage personal and professional growth through training and mentoring, and celebrate our people-oriented culture and the innovative ways they serve Perficient and the community.

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