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5G Is Here, and It’s Time to Increase Your Cybersecurity Posture


5G is changing the face of communication and connection. According to Forbes, the technological innovations from 5G could contribute as much as $2.2 trillion to the global economy over the next 15 years. The service will revolutionize the amount of data collection and increasing the number of connected devices and sensors. With the rapid growth in the service and the explosion of new applications (all collecting personal data and information), it’s critical to make sure your cybersecurity posture is up to the test.

5G will be moving data at unprecedented speeds, so data governance, security, and privacy measures need to keep pace. The new service can move data back and forth at such speeds due to low latency. In the current environment, any device can effectively become mobile with the assistance of sensors and the IoT. Thus, as more and more devices become connected, it becomes easier for individuals to steal data. The number of connected devices will only rise, so it’s pertinent to set up a 5G cybersecurity strategy now.

In an article published by, it was stated that, “Low-latency 5G networks will unlock tremendous potential across several verticals, including healthcare, smart cities, autonomous vehicles, Industry 4.0, and the Internet of Things (IoT). It could expose vulnerabilities of a hyper-connected environment leading to issues such as online frauds, data breach, identity theft, and ransomware attacks.”

From this and instantaneous connectivity, the old methods of control slip away, so companies need to focus on new measures to monitor, protect and keep control of their data. Data keeps a business moving forward, so the new standards for monitoring and cybersecurity must move forward with the times as well.

Several proactive measures to take to make networks more secure include:

  • Updating encryption protocols
  • Cybersecurity Assessment
  • Adding edge network safety
  • Improved network function virtualization models

These proactive efforts could reduce or mitigate cybersecurity risk and enhance your company’s reputation. As the new technology gains more traction, 5G implementations will evolve and mature, and security will need to become even stronger. Perficient is ready to help you mature your cybersecurity posture.

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