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Rising Above at the Microsoft 365 Virtual Conference Marathon

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Our worldwide pandemic has hit everyone differently. Even within the same circles, people are handling and responding to these changes in different ways. I have found such strength and inspiration from the IT industry and our clients. Everyone has approached this challenge head-on. My professional community has provided such a grounding force by facing this challenge together. My favorite example of this is how the SharePoint community has responded to the SharePoint conference cancelation. We’re not the only one to have events and training canceled this year due to COVID19. The difference is how we’ve responded. I am so excited to be a part of a community that is responding in a positive way: to come together and strengthen our Microsoft community. The Microsoft 365 Virtual Conference to me says “I see you COVID19, and I’ll raise you one”.

Why the Microsoft 365 Conference is Different

Never before has a conference gone 36 hours continuous. Never before has a conference been able to include people from all over the world on this scale. Being a speaker for this event is such a privilege. It is incredible to be a part of a conference that has sessions in 7 different languages! The conference is packed with great sessions from leaders within Microsoft and the whole industry, and I’d love for you to attend mine. Below are my sessions and what you’ll gain from them.



Our Challenge: Women’s Representation, Inclusion, and What You Can Do About It

5/27/20 at 6 PM Eastern

We have a significant representation difference between genders, and I am confronting that head-on with what women’s challenge is in the workplace today, and what we can actually change about our day to day in order to help our businesses. At the end of the day, more diverse leadership leads to more diverse ideas, which leads to better results. We are all after better results – and confronting the issues that are holding back half of our population will help all bottom lines in the end. These tactical actions apply to men and women in the workplace. There are changes everyone can make to make their business more diverse, and therefore more successful.

Power Up Your Resume with Power Query

5/27/20 at 9 PM Eastern

Ask what Power Query can do for you! Power Query saves me and my clients from the world of manual tracking and effort spent on data refresh. I want to share with anyone who works with data and has not worked with Power Query the joys that this tool can bring you. Plus, this is a portion of the power platform which is across many Microsoft technologies. Spoiler alert: master Power Query and you’ll be able to make a significant impact in Excel and Power BI.

I hope you’ll be able to join us. Registration is here:

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