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Perficient Wins Award for Its Pharmacovigilance Intelligence Solution


We are very excited to receive recognition for PV Hawk. Not only is it an honor, but it shows the value and flexibility of Perficient’s enthusiasm for bringing common sense to complex problems and the success of our cross-functional teams that contributed to getting this solution out. For many years, I, along with many others, struggled to find ways to deliver digested pharmacovigilance (PV) data that would enable me to evaluate AE data, weigh the safety profile of the particular drug, look for new indications, and to provide meaningful input to cross-functional departments within an organization.

We Perficient, took up the challenge, and the result is PV Hawk. Its clean graphics and near real-time data loads (data is refreshed every 24 hrs) gives those responsible for looking after adverse events and product quality a truly useful tool with PV-centric, drill-down capabilities. No matter which part of the spectrum in drug safety you take part in or which type of drug-device or biologic, everyone in risk management, from manufacturing to post-market, can utilize this tool. It lends a holistic approach to safety surveillance – the way that it should be.

For example, while we were in the very early learning stages of COVID-19, PV Hawk offered the ability to drill down the data to take similar clinical pictures (i.e., cytokine storm in other critically ill patients) and to find historic PV data and drugs that might offer a therapeutic benefit. PV Hawk is more than just safety surveillance of AEs and PQCs; it is a powerful tool for clinical therapeutics when time is critical.

The PV Hawk team and I are very humbled and honored to receive this year’s MedTech award.

For a demo, more information on how your organization can use PV Hawk, or how we can perform risk management for you, please feel free to reach out to me.

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Kari Blaho-Owens

Kari Blaho-Owens, Ph.D., received her graduate degree in pharmacology and clinical therapeutics from LSU Medical Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, US. She was the Research Director and clinical toxicologist consultant in an inner-city Emergency Department at UT College of Medicine and has spent much of her career in the life sciences industry working for pharmaceutical and device companies, as well as CROs. She also served as the global head of PV at a major company. Kari is currently the head of PV at Perficient, where she leads a team that implements fit-for-purpose technology solutions and provides pharmacovigilance consulting. She is also a peer reviewer for the DIA.

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