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Episerver DXP Environment Deployment API PowerShell Scripts – Part 3

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In my previous posts, we went over the deployment process in the EpiServer DXP environment. The first post went through the original methods that allow for deployment into the DXP environment. The second post went through update 313, which was a massive deployment API update, as well as how to use the API to export an environmental database, and how to sync down environments.

In this post, we’re going to go through the following:

  • How to get access to the Deployment Scripts
  • How to link the deployment scripts to your DevOps Environment
  • Building our solution and creating our artifact for deployment
  • Creation of our variable group for key storage
  • Generating our API keys from the PAAS Portal

This will eventually lead us to where we will be able to streamline the creation of a CI/DI Release Pipeline. This pipeline will publish all the way from Integration, to Preproduction, and finally to Production in an automated fashion that uses Episerver’s deployment process.

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