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Google Announces Cloud Healthcare API

Due to COVID-19, it is critical for healthcare providers to have real-time, unified access to data. With the pandemic pushing this industry to its limits, the need for data interoperability is higher than ever. In order to adapt to these conditions, healthcare organizations need easy-to-use technology to support the exchange of healthcare information.

To fill this need, Google recently announced the widespread availability of their Cloud Healthcare API. This API is designed to facilitate the intake and management of healthcare data from various inputs and systems. It will then apply analytics and real-time machine learning to better understand that data. The Cloud Healthcare API gives healthcare providers a way to access data with web-friendly endpoints and health plans that are easily deployed in the cloud. This allows healthcare providers to scale and support patient access to their data.

Leading up to its recent announcement, Google partnered with Mayo Clinic using the API to store and enable interoperability of its clinical data. Through this partnership, Mayo Clinic gained a technology that works quickly and securely to help them better serve its patients.

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