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Drive Your Digital Transformation with OpenShift on AWS Kick Start

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The following is the third installment in a series of blogs about how deploying Red Hat OpenShift on Amazon Web Services cloud platform can transform your business. If you missed the second blog, find it here. In this blog, we’re going to dive into our OpenShift on AWS Kick Start solution offering.

Your digital transformation journey requires flexibility and efficiency while ensuring confidence in the security, governance, and support structures of your public cloud strategy. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Red Hat partner to provide hybrid cloud options. Whether you are migrating legacy applications, modernizing applications via cloud-native development, or embracing container orchestration, AWS and Red Hat provide the platforms, services, and support required for trusted transformation.

With Red Hat on AWS, development teams are free to deliver disruptive solutions on RHEL or Windows using Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby, or JavaScript. Emerging development and container platforms help deliver all of this with unprecedented speed, automation, and support.

Our OpenShift on AWS Kick Start lays the foundation for flexible cloud migration and app modernization by assessing your environment and presenting a forward-looking approach. Our AWS and Red Hat experts will guide you through a process to assess and create a custom roadmap for your open-source on AWS strategy.

The OpenShift on AWS Kick Start allows you to experience the value of containerizing existing application workloads and migrating them to the public cloud. This is achieved through the careful selection of an existing application in your current environment, and then migrating it to an OpenShift on AWS environment. This will give your team a first-hand view of the benefits of running applications in a containerized environment via OpenShift, while also leveraging the elasticity and available add-on services provided by AWS.

What’s Included

We will work with you to understand your current environmental design and constraints, as well as your company’s unique culture, ecosystem, and cloud vision. We will partner with your technical leadership, operations teams, app developers, and business experts to better align your strategy with your business model. The engagement includes:

  • Strategic cloud vision and environmental planning and direction
  • Foundational AWS architecture review and planning
  • OpenShift POV environment setup POC environmental
  • Foundational OpenShift security and networking overview
  • Application modernization strategy workshop
  • Identify and build a pilot candidate


  • Build and deploy a pilot candidate application
  • Define management strategy and CI/CD pipelines
  • Project planning and estimations as requested

Register for the webinar here.

Why Perficient

We are a Red Hat Premier Partner and AWS Advanced Consulting Partner to help organizations drive strategic initiatives around cloud computing, DevOps, and enterprise integration solutions to ensure successful cloud implementation and migration projects. We have built a formal cloud migration and DevOps methodology based on our successful delivery of multiple large, mission-critical cloud applications.

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