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Exploring the VMware Tanzu Portfolio

Following the acquisition of Pivotal by VMware, VMware Tanzu became the new name for Pivotal technology under the VMware umbrella. VMware recently announced key milestones for products in the VMware Tanzu portfolio. This portfolio brings consistency to the building, running, and managing code and is one of the few products that tackle the challenges of application modernization from both the application and infrastructure perspective.

To improve developer velocity, VMware Tanzu is announcing the availability of  VMWareTanzu Application Service and Tanzu Build Service. Application Service is designed with one goal in mind: accelerating code to production. Tanzu Application Service is comprised of multiple technologies to create a developer experience that is consistently simple and productive when creating code. VMware commissioned a Total Economic Impact study from Forrester that projected an ROI of 142 percent over the course of three years. This is based on developers spending 5x less time building and maintaining environments, reduced downtime and retiring legacy infrastructures.

Another key benefit of the Tanzu Application Service is offering more uniformity in how your containers are built. Having the ability to govern those containers can reduce vulnerability and facilitate easier upgrades. Now in beta, VMware Tanzu Build Service transforms the Cloud Foundry build model to handle any Kubernetes runtime.

From the infrastructure perspective, VMware announced the availability of VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid. Tanzu Kubernetes Grid is the ultimate tool to consistently run Kubernetes across your data centers, public clouds, and edge locations.

However, due to its novelty, Kubernetes is not without its challenges. According to the 2020 State of Kubernetes report, two-thirds of study respondents cited a lack of experience and expertise as a top deployment and management challenge. To combat these challenges, VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid is now available with a command-line interface (CLI) to simplify the installation, multicluster operation, and high availability of Kubernetes. With these upgrades, it’s easier than ever to adopt Kubernetes into your IT environment.

VMware Tanzu facilitates modernization across your organization, in both the application and infrastructure contexts. Perficient is a licensed Pivotal/VMware Partner offering strong expertise in application development and modernization.

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