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Association of Change Management Professionals Features David Chapman on COVID-19

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The Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) recently featured David Chapman, Chief Strategist of Organizational Change Management (OCM), in a blog post. Dc Ignitors

David points out that current conditions call for new approaches to user enablement and that historic change management playbooks will likely not be effective. In this new reality, leadership concerns range from project success to company survival.


David continuously works to help companies realize that change is possible and that there CAN be a smooth adoption process. He recently recorded a video titled “Enabling Employee Collaboration Amid COVID-19.”

He also delivered a webinar titled “Accelerating Adoption for Microsoft Teams.

He and the OCM team work tirelessly to lead clients through the change process. But the conversation always starts with, “Are you ready to change?”

The Ignitor Insights is a group of change management thought leaders within ACMP who share their perspectives and experiences, particularly in the midst of the changing landscape. Experts, like David, are there to answer your questions related to how we can best manage the personal, professional, societal, economic, cultural, and global impact of COVID-19.

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