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Energy and Utilities

SCM & EPM Planning + IoT / AI in 1 Hub = IBPX for Energy

Energy Industry

Energy companies have never faced a greater challenge than Planning for the future the industry is facing during the Pandemic and Post Covid19. The Oil & Gas, Utilities, Mining, Chemicals, and Renewable Energy sectors are working within disruption at a rate unimaginable in years past.

Turmoil and disorganization; however when coupled with an organization that has a culture of Change Management can create an opportunity to digitally transform and reduce CAPEX and OPEX.

Oracle’s Integrated Business Planning and Execution (IBPX) solution enable an end to end viewpoint of a business plan and its’ execution for discrete (Oil Tools, Transformers, Batteries, and Mining Equipment) and process manufacturing (Oil, Power Sources, and Chemicals) for the Energy industry.

Business Latency stymies an organization’s ability to pivot and adjust to new market conditions. There has never been a greater need for different business units to bring different data sources and scenarios together in a single platform to plan for the future. Prediction and Implementation Latency is combatted with predictive analytics

Oracle’s Integrated Business Planning service (IBPX) builds upon the traditional Integrated Business Planning (IBP) solutions and uses AI and IoT technologies to address today’s demanding market conditions while enabling the following planning areas:

  • Long-range strategy planning (IBP), strategic modeling and M&A
  • Financial, projects, capital, and workforce planning
  • Sales & Operations Planning
  • Supply Chain planning

IBPX Game Changers

Unites Plans to Beat Business Latency

IBPX moves SO&P into action in an FLUI process and uses advanced technologies (IoT, AI, and prescriptive analytics) to monitor real-time plan execution that discovers future improvement opportunities and mitigates traditional planning challenges.

Supply Chain and Enterprise Planning in 1 Platform

IBPX empowers long-range strategy planning; strategic modeling and mergers and acquisitions; financial, projects, capital and workforce planning; sales and operations planning; and supply chain planning.

Enhanced Visibility for the Enterprise

IBPX uses a unified data model to produce one view for all participants and produces advanced analytics to build projections for business outcomes in different lines of business.

The result of a successful IBPX implementation is dramatically decreased cost in owning and maintain assets in the Energy industry. Decision-makers are empowered to make quick and decisive plans based on data.

Perficient’s Oracle SCM, EPM, and Energy teams are ready to work with leading Energy organizations to map the next steps to a future enabled by IBPX.




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Alaster Love, Director of Energy Strategy

Alaster has two decades of experience working in the Oil & Gas industry and could be described as a “digital roughneck”. Alaster has expertise in innovation, transparency, competitive advantage, and systems transformation, and how all can be accomplished via Oracle ERP, EPM, SCM, and Analytics in the Energy industry.

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