Salesforce Care for Manufacturing + Free 1-Week Jumpstart from Perficient for COVID-19 Relief

Manufacturing Industry

In response to COVID-19, manufacturers are battling increased and unpredictable demands to support workers on the front lines. Together with Salesforce, we’re here to help – ensuring you have the agility, information, and tools you need to rapidly pivot operations and reallocate resources.

Salesforce Care for Manufacturing: What It’s All About

This week Perficient rolled out a free jumpstart as part of Salesforce Care for Manufacturing – a solution to assist manufacturers who are adjusting operations or using the existing capacity to produce critical COVID-19 supplies. That includes personal protective equipment (PPE), ventilators, virus testing equipment, and other response items.

Free for 90 days*, this solution is designed to help manufacturers:

  • Develop accurate forecasts and manage demand for relief supplies
  • Collaborate with partners to improve order schedule and demand visibility
  • Track and manage customer demand, fulfillment prioritization, and orders

*See what’s included and eligibility details here

1-Week Jumpstart: Free from Perficient

With over 20 years of deep expertise in manufacturing, our Salesforce experts are here to help, providing 40 hours of free consultation and configuration for Manufacturing Cloud. (By the way, we’ll be happy to set up a call if you aren’t sure where to start or whether this is right for you.)

You can get up and running in as little as one week with:

  • Sales Forecasts: Utilize Manufacturing Cloud to collaborate with your sales teams and improve forecasting.
  • Partner Collaboration: Collaborate with partners and improve order scheduling to better support the production and distribution of relief products.
  • Einstein Analytics: Leverage the power of Einstein for real-time business insights and analytics – and keep pace with changing customer demand.

More Benefits to Help Manufacturers Manage Relief Response 

Some additional benefits include:

  • Streamlined partner lead assignment
  • Partner forecasting
  • Automated partner and customer follow-up
  • Channel sales manager dashboards
  • Easily configured workflow rules

Any questions? Please contact our team and tell us how we can help. You can also access the Salesforce Care COVID-19 Response Hub anytime, which includes live sessions, webinars, technical support for new customers, and more.

Here to Help

“During this time of crisis, the manufacturing industry is pivoting rapidly,” said Eric Dukart, Perficient’s Salesforce Practice Director. “As always, we’re proud to be a Salesforce partner, empowering manufacturers around the world. But right now we’re also glad to lend an extra helping hand, equipping manufacturers with the tools they need to get critical supplies to those who need them most.”

Contact us with questions anytime. And remember – while much is changing during these times, some things are here to stay. We’re here – remote and ready – whenever you need us.

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