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Resource Tips for Trying Times: Rebuilding Post-COVID [Healthcare Series]

In this series, we’re looking at strategy considerations and recommendations for people like you in the healthcare industry who are facing the coronavirus pandemic head-on.

TIP: Rebuilding in the aftermath – here’s what healthcare organizations will need to do

COVID-19 has been the largest disruptor of the modern healthcare industry, and the situation only continues to deepen and develop. However, a day will come when we can return to some form of business as usual.

What will that day look like, and what will you need to do to get there?

  • Have a plan for the surge in delayed elective care: Hospitals and providers nationwide have had to cancel or delay procedures that weren’t directly related to lifesaving care. Many of these are significant contributors to patients’ quality of life and systems’ bottom lines. Providers and payors will need to work together to anticipate the huge demand that will come when it’s safe to perform these procedures again.
  • Build up your digital infrastructure: Digital transformation was growing steadily before COVID-19, but we’re in a new era now for digital. During this crisis, we’ve seen skyrocketing strain on healthcare organizations’ digital systems as those under quarantine or stay-at-home orders have made use of virtual visits, consulted automated symptom-triage systems, and turned to their trusted healthcare experts for reliable information about the virus. We anticipate this increasing hunger for digitally based healthcare solutions will only grow after COVID-19 subsides.
  • Plan for the next health crisis: Despite the warnings of those in the healthcare field for years prior, the coronavirus pandemic caught citizens and governments completely by surprise. Providers, payers, healthcare IT professionals, and others in the industry need to take the lead in making sure there are robust preparations in place for the next emergency, whenever it arrives.

Thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do to ensure that healthcare consumers get the care and information they need during this pandemic. We hope you’ve found this blog series to be helpful and informative.

Are there any top-of-mind technology-related topics you’d like for us to provide insight on in a future post? Please let us know.

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Linda Watts

Linda is a healthcare digital strategy leader with 20 years of progressive experience in guiding diverse health system teams to develop and execute digital experiences and infrastructures. She is passionate about improving healthcare consumer experience, while also ensuring business ROI, to help health systems expand on their broader missions to improve their communities' health and well-being.

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