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On-Demand Recordings From Perficient’s Virtual Teams Summit Now Available

COVID-19 has forced many organizations into a remote work scenario for which they may not have been prepared. Unfortunately, fundamentals and best practices are often forgotten during rushed predicaments such as these.

With our new normal in mind, earlier this week, our experts hosted a virtual Microsoft Teams Summit event, to showcase innovative ways companies can transform the way their organization communicates during this time of crisis, especially.

The timing of our virtual Teams Summit comes as Teams usage continues to skyrocket. More than two years after the initial launch of Teams, 91% of Fortune 100 companies are utilizing Microsoft’s collaboration tool set, which boasts more than 120 million active Office 365 users!

During the current COVID-19 crisis, daily usage has virtually exploded, with more than 44 million daily users who generate more than 900 million meeting and call minutes per day.

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With the increased usage and focus on Teams, our virtual Teams Summit event highlighted how some of today’s most innovative enterprises are leveraging and optimizing  Teams to build the modern workplace hub of the future.

During this day-long event, experts from Perficient and Microsoft shared their top considerations and best practices for leveraging Teams to build a modern workplace that drives teamwork and collaboration, along with change management to ensure end-user adoption and engagement.

Key Session Presentations 

Watch Anytime

Please use this link to stream individual sessions, or the entire Summit, from anywhere, anytime. To learn more about all  our Microsoft capabilities, click here.

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