Episerver DXP Environment Deployment API PowerShell Scripts – Part 1

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In late-2019, Episerver released one of their Beta programs, which would allow developers the ability to control a DXP environment deployment via an API. This Powershell module is called “EpiCloud”.

There have been a few blog posts on how to use these APIs in one-off instances, but none in how to make these into reusable generic PowerShell scripts.

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What we will be going over in this post is how we use these concepts to create reusable Powershell scripts that can be used for any DXP deployment environment.

You can view this article over on my blog website.

In the next part of this series, we will cover how to set up a manual Release Pipeline to deploy into Integration.

This will eventually lead us to where we will be able to streamline the creation of a CI/DI Release Pipeline. This pipeline will publish all the way from Integration, to Preproduction, and finally to Production in an automated fashion that uses Episerver’s deployment process.


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