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Resource Tips for Trying Times: Breaking Down Silos [Healthcare Series]

We’re here to help inform and empower you as you help provide your expertise to healthcare consumers during the coronavirus pandemic. 

TIP: How COVID-19 is breaking down silos – rapid response communication requires a true and deep partnership

In the old world, marketing, IT, and clinical operations were three largely separate silos. But the rapid response to COVID-19 has started to break down those silos and bring those teams together. What are some of the impacts, and how can internal departments continue to build on that in the months ahead?

  • “Necessity is the mother of invention”: We’re seeing this axiom in action during the COVID-19 crisis. Providers and payers, who often have different goals, now work shoulder to shoulder to slow the coronavirus’ spread. And their joint efforts wouldn’t be possible without the integration of their information systems by IT professionals.
  • Collaboration, not competition: A problem on the scale of a pandemic simply can’t be solved by one person acting alone. Health systems nationwide are streamlining inefficient processes to get people the care they need for COVID-19 now, rather than delaying for referrals, approvals, records requests, or any number of traditional roadblocks.
  • The start of something new? Hardship often yields creative approaches to problem-solving. But the real test comes after the hardship ends. Do newfound partners go back to their old processes, or do they embrace their new normal? Think about some of the new techniques your team has implemented to help your consumers deal with the coronavirus. Can you apply some of those systems to your normal operations, and if so, how could that work? What advantages might there be for you or your consumers in a more unified approach?

As always, thank you for your work alongside others in the healthcare field during this unprecedented crisis.

Are there any top-of-mind technology-related topics you’d like for us to provide insight on in an upcoming blog post? Please let us know.

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Linda Watts

Linda is a healthcare digital strategy leader with 20 years of progressive experience in guiding diverse health system teams to develop and execute digital experiences and infrastructures. She is passionate about improving healthcare consumer experience, while also ensuring business ROI, to help health systems expand on their broader missions to improve their communities' health and well-being.

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