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Should You Consider Revamping Your Insurance Claims Process?

Claims Process

Many of us have experienced the unfortunate situation of having to submit a claim with an insurance company, whether it’s related to our auto or home. For me, the submission process was a mixed bag. One or two instances – at most- were relatively painless. The rest of my experiences were less than desirable. Why is that?

Many insurance companies don’t leverage the best (i.e., modern) technology to meet today’s customer expectations and needs – it’s that simple. For companies that don’t have these systems in place, the entire claim process – from the initial contact to payment – isn’t as streamlined as it should be.

Without a system designed for today, the claims process can take a significant amount of time. It requires more steps for all parties and results in headaches, less transparency, and payments not being issued to consumers promptly. And when that happens, it means consumers often have to advance the funds to make repairs. It’s a domino effect, and you usually end up taking a big hit as it relates to customer experience.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Can customers start a claim from the scene of an accident?
  • Can customers message with you from their phone?
  • Can you arrange a tow truck or rental car, or request the police as you’re talking to a customer via chat?
  • Can you give on-the-spot advice to your customers, such as “Avoid admitting fault?”
  • Can customers upload pictures and videos from their phone to your system?
  • Can customers see if documentation (e.g., driver’s license) is missing your system?
  • Can customers track the status of a claim?
  • Can customers see if a claim was paid?
  • Can customers view who is handling their claim?
  • Can you track sentiment based on your communications with customers?
  • Are you communicating (e.g., confirming receipt of specific documentation) with customers every step of the way via email?

Insurance companies have long had a bad rap for being difficult to work with. Part of it isn’t their fault – who is going to be happy after having been in an accident? On the other hand, being stuck in old ways and with old systems doesn’t help. You can improve their operations, reputation, and customer experience at the same time.

Having the right solution can transform the claims process entirely. Insurance companies are better off because they can interact with customers and receive information in real time. Customers are better off because the process is quicker, easier, and more transparent.

I get that it’s easy to say technology is the solution to a problematic claims process. But in many cases, it really is the answer.

Insurance Info Webinar

So, here’s my pitch to you. On April 28th, we’re presenting a webinar with our friends at Nuxeo. The webinar is called Reasons to Modernize Insurance Information Management. I invite you to listen in, and if you like what you hear, grab a demo of the solution. No strings attached. There are a number of big-time insurance companies (and banks) that are using it. Hopefully, it’s for a good reason. 🙂

If Nuxeo (or Perficient) doesn’t fit the bill after the webinar or demo, we can say we tried our best. No hard feelings.

In the meantime, if you want to chat, feel free to contact, one of the presenters.

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