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Resource Tips for Trying Times: Reach Diverse Audiences [Healthcare Series]

We hope you, your family and coworkers are well. This blog is second in a series of tips aimed to strengthen healthcare organizations in practical ways right now.

TIP: Communicate to non-English-speaking audiences

“We’re all in this together.” That statement has become a standard throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, yet some populations in the U.S. aren’t getting that message. Approximately 9% of the U.S. population has limited English proficiency. But check out most healthcare websites, and you’ll find few or no COVID-19 updates in anything but English.

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To help your updates and messaging reach all audiences in your community, consider these tips to reach non-English-speakers:

  • Partner with community groups in your area that non-English-speakers rely on for updates. Make sure these groups have the tools they need to communicate with their audiences.
  • Extend your media relations efforts to include Spanish-language media outlets, especially TV. Many Spanish-speakers rely on Spanish-language TV channels for news and updates.
  • From a messaging standpoint, focus on family. Latinos, Asian Americans, and African Americans are all more likely to live in multi-generational homes, and family or duty to family is a huge motivator.
  • When possible, push updates via healthcare apps or texting programs.
  • If you have sub-sites or pages in Spanish or other languages, or pages about translation services, provide COVID-19 updates there as regularly and thoroughly as on English-language sites and pages.
  • Use social media — provide major updates in English, Spanish, and other languages. This will show your dedication to all audiences and help bilingual audiences share messages with non-English-speakers in their networks.
  • Implement messages tailored to your various audiences through website personalization strategies. Based on your organization’s resources or others in your region, personalization could allow you to route a user to contact information or partners based on the user’s particular language.

Gracias, merci, danke — no matter what language you say it in, thank you for the invaluable healthcare expertise you’re providing to your consumers during this time. Are there any top-of-mind technology-related topics you’d like for us to provide insight on? We welcome your input. Please let us know.

Thoughts on “Resource Tips for Trying Times: Reach Diverse Audiences [Healthcare Series]”

  1. Great article! I hope many people got insight by reading your article. In this time, everyone needs good healthcare advice in the language they understand. After reading your article people can communicate things well. Thanks for sharing this information.

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Chandra Craven

Chandra M. Craven is a Healthcare Digital Strategist who partners with national healthcare marketers to meet the patient consumer's demands and needs. Through her work, she ensures every type of patient's voices and needs are heard and included within communications and marketing efforts.

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