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An Oracle Analytics Solution for HR Absence Management with COVID-19

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Perficient’s absence management solution with COVID-19 data helps businesses stay proactive, avoid productivity loss and better plan for skill back-fills. Absence and workforce management is one of the key HR functions that play an important role in the overall operation and performance of a company. This is even more crucial at a time when typical employee absence trends are elevated with the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to maintain business operations and reduce productivity loss, it is essential to stay up to date on the latest disease spread information and be aware of a potential impact to the workforce.

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Interested to learn more? Watch the recorded webinar which includes a walk-through and a demo on extending it with OAC.

Following is a 1-minute gif demo on visualizing COVID-19 data mashup with HCM absence and headcount information. Once it loads, you may click on it to run in full size.
COVID-19 data sourced from Johns Hopkins University CSSE GitHub project

Perficient Oracle Analytics For Absense Management with COVID-19

Perficient Oracle Analytics For Absense Management with COVID-19

Leveraging Oracle Analytics and the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Perficient has devised a solution that enables companies to keep a close look at the daily statistics of COVID-19 and its impact on a company’s workforce. The solution consists of a pre-built data model, self-service analytics capability and pre-built dashboards. Mashing up COVID-19 reported cases across various geographies, together with the company’s HCM absence and headcount data, provides a consolidated view of typical trend disruptions and correlation to COVID-19.

If you relate to any of the following questions, this solution can help you find quick answers.

  • What is the impact of rising COVID-19 cases on the organization’s workforce?
  • Are our absences on an upward trend and if so for what absence types/reasons?
  • Which of our essential job roles are mostly impacted by COVID-19 related absences? In what locations and which departments?
  • What is our expected absence rate based on counties and locations that experienced higher COVID-19 cases?
  • Which of our office locations are expected to be impacted next with more absences?
  • Are we seeing more absences in full-time vs part-time, temps or regulars, salaried or hourly, etc… type of employees?
  • How is our headcount distributed geographically and how does that relate to states/provinces/counties where cases are rising?

Powered with Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Perficient can implement this solution in as quick as 2 weeks. If interested to know more, stay tuned for an upcoming webcast and indicate your interest in the Reply form below.

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