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Resource Tips for Trying Times: Beyond COVID-19 Webpages [Healthcare Series]

Healthcare organizations are on a critical mission to care for the community during unprecedented times. Digital communication is the way everyone communicates — now more than ever. Recognizing this urgency, our team has prepared quick, actionable tips to, we hope, help lighten the immense load you carry. This blog presents our first of seven resource tips:

TIP: Update your website beyond your COVID-19 webpages

Healthcare organizations across the nation have built COVID-19 webpages to help consumers navigate the pandemic. But these webpages often fail to answer the questions of patients and plan members with other health issues — diabetes, cancer, cardiology, pregnancy, urgent care needs, and many more — who still need healthcare and are wondering how COVID-19 will impact their care.

These consumers may have a higher level of anxiety about both their physical and mental health. They are looking to you for reassurance and direction.

On those webpages, make sure to:

  • Describe extra measures that are in place to keep that group safe
  • Describe how processes are changed, including which aspects of care can be handled virtually and which can’t
  • For services on hold because of the crisis, describe how you will make decisions on when to resume those services and how you will prioritize addressing the backlog of needs
  • Identify specific risks for that group and what to do to reduce risk, if different than general risks and recommendations being shared with the wider population
  • List which services are available and which are not
  • Reassure consumers that your level of service isn’t diminishing even while so much attention is going to COVID-19
  • Update information regularly

Answering these questions on the website isn’t just helpful to healthcare consumers. It will also help minimize strain on your call centers and give your team more time to focus on providing the services your customers urgently need right now.

Thank you for the important work you’re delivering, the lives you’re stabilizing, and the leadership you’re offering to a world navigating COVID-19.

Are there any top-of-mind technology-related topics you’d like for us to provide insight on? Please let us know.

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Linda Watts

Linda is a healthcare digital strategy leader with 20 years of progressive experience in guiding diverse health system teams to develop and execute digital experiences and infrastructures. She is passionate about improving healthcare consumer experience, while also ensuring business ROI, to help health systems expand on their broader missions to improve their communities' health and well-being.

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