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Digital Transformation

How Apigee and Boomi Accelerate Digital Transformation

I am the biggest fan of collaboration across our internal business, as well as across our partners. I find that collaboration and cross-partner solutions can help our mutual clients achieve exceptional outcomes. I love seeing the hidden gems where we have strong capabilities, and the partner has the best of breed solution. Today I learned about two partners who are like peanut butter and chocolate. On their own they are great, but together they are a powerhouse combination—Apigee+Boomi, the powerhouse duo that enables enterprises to achieve digital transformation faster.
With Apigee, you gain complete visibility and control of the integration and data APIs both internally and externally that can drive new business channels and/or modernizing legacy applications. Some of what we are seeing is:
  • Customer is looking to build or has a platform or ecosystem for partners or developers
  • The customer wants to unlock new revenue
  • A customer has Digital Transformation or Modernization Initiatives
  • Modernize legacy applications to innovate faster, ensure business continuity
  • Front-end optimization needs (Retail, dynamic pricing)
Boomi helps companies to accelerate by integrating and unifying all of the applications, data, systems, processes, and people and provide that data and APIs to be consumed by the business.
  •  Boomi is a unified, cloud-native, and purpose-built iPaaS catering to hybrid integration requirements of both large and medium-sized enterprises and of different user personas through integration, data quality, governance, B2B integration, and low code app deployments.
  • Boomi provides for the exposure of Integration APIs for all your backend systems. Apigee then overlays an isolation layer that homogenizes the API look, feel, and operations, and offloads common functions (security, mediation, traffic control, etc.), to the Experience APIs that are published with documentation to developers, both internal and external.
Together these two are best of breed solutions that enable enterprises to achieve digital transformation faster.
  • By combining both Apigee API Management and Boomi iPaaS capabilities, we optimize the software development lifecycle (SDLC) and provide customers with elegant, low-code, rapidly deployed, and cost-effective integrated solutions.
  • The two components “fit together” to achieve a unified platform offering.
  • Provide full Connectivity, Digital Transformation, Legacy Modernization, and Innovation with the combined features of the Boomi iPaaS and Apigee APIM platforms.
  • With Apigee being a leader in APIM and Boomi in the iPasS space, they can offer customers a unified platform offering with the highest quality… lowest cost in the shortest time.

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