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Perficient Colleagues Share How it Feels to Help Fight COVID-19

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Perficient Supports with COVID-19 Hackathon

As we know, customer engagement goes beyond customer service. As businesses around the world grapple with the impact of COVID-19 (more commonly known as Coronavirus), digital has the power to help organizations respond quickly while mitigating risk. 

No stranger to hackathons, Perficient continues to create solutions to support the fight against COVID-19. Here, our team shares what it’s like working on such relevant and important projects.

“COVID-19 has changed priorities suddenly for a lot of people, including for many of our clients,” explains Michael Greenlee, Director of Customer Care Solutions. “Being able to have an impact and solve some immediate problems makes it easier to deal with the challenges we’re all facing right now. The team wanted to put our skills and our partners’ technology platforms to use, and showcase what can be done in just a few days, in the hope that the solutions we build might help someone deal with the pandemic.”

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Colleagues Share Insider Perspectives on Contributing Individual Impact

Perficient Covid 19 Hackathon(1)

About the Solution

This is an offloading system that reduce the number of calls in queue by offering options like callbacks to ensure as many callers as possible can be helped. 

Learn more about how Twilio is used to help businesses who do not have an enterprise level call center 

Rob Zaffino, a Technical Architect on the Twilio Flex team, said, “Although we had no medical expertise to help on the front lines, we felt that we too had a skill set that could help out with the consequential fall-out from the effects of COVID-19. Our decision process was inspired from our own experiences from the last few weeks of the pandemic.”

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Perficient Covid 19 Hackathon(4)

About the Solution

This system offer callers waiting in queue the option to participate in an SMS conversation to more quickly handle their concerns.

Learn more about using SMS with Amazon Connect Chat

Jack Sombeck, a Lead Technical Consultant on the Amazon Connect team, shares, “Hackathons are great for building teamwork as well as software, and I enjoyed working closely with Ben and Jordan. We targeted a technically difficult problem and I was pleased to come up with a solution that could be applied to the COVID-19 crisis!”

Ben Yoo, a Technical Consultant on the Amazon Connect team, said, “Personally, I am glad that Perficient responded to this crisis and turned it into an opportunity to potentially help people as quickly as possible. Not only was I was impressed with all the projects (only in a span of 3 days!), but I was proud of our company being proactive and trying to make people’s live a little better.”

“I was excited to be able to work with Ben and Jack in a green field project. It was great to see the ways in which the various teams came together so quickly to get to walking skeleton with their ideas. I feel that it was a solid idea to frame the project ideas within the domain of COVID-19 response, though I suspect that many of the projects had components which can be applied to a larger range of circumstances,” explains Jordan Russell, a Technical Consultant on the Amazon Connect team.

Perficient Covid 19 Hackathon(3)

About the Solution

This interactive phone menu allows callers to check their symptoms against CDC guidelines and obtain local hospital information using Amazon Connect. 

Learn more about using Twilio to build a remote workers solution

Warren Spencer, a Lead Technical Consultant on the Amazon Connect team, said, “It felt great contributing to a potential solution larger than any one of us alone could have built for challenges we all face during the COVID-19 crisis.”

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Perficient Covid 19 Hackathon(5)

About the Solution

We created a quick set up voice notification service for community-based organizations using the Twilio Flex platform.

Learn more about creating a low friction solution for community or local government organizations to reach out to individuals they service

Andy Gilbert, a Solutions Architect on the Twilio Flex team, said, “I am relatively new to Perficient. Perficient’s acceptance and support of remote work prior to the current situation was a big reason I chose to come here. With all the uncertainty of what we are going through, to pivot like this and focus outward, on ‘how can we potentially help’ was amazing. So many great ideas came out of this. Regardless how they end up, this decision will stand out.” 

Perficient Covid 19 Hackathon(6)

About the Solution

A tool for rapid remote assessment of potential COVID-19 cases. Their solution will include a symptom checker, risk scoring, and immediate routing of high-risk cases to a remote medical professional, with the option of adding a telehealth voice or video call. 

Learn more about using Twilio to reduce the load on doctors and help ease patients’ concerns about COVID-19

Adam Hadlock, a Lead Technical Consultant on the Twilio Flex team, opens up to say, “”With everyone being isolated and working from home it’s tough to feel like it would be possible to make a difference. This hackathon helped us feel like we were actually building something that might be able to make a difference.”

Perficient’s COVID-19 Insights 

Perficient’s latest insights feature a growing number of resources and insights from our thought leaders designed to help businesses drive operations forward and deliver experiences their customers need amid this unexpected challenge. 

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Stay tuned for updates and ask our hackathoners questions in the comments below. 


At Perficient, we continually look for ways to champion and challenge our talented workforce with interesting projects for high-profile clients, encourage personal and professional growth through training and mentoring, and celebrate our people-oriented culture and the innovative ways they serve Perficient and the community.

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