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My Themes and Recommended Sessions for Adobe Summit 2020

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Monday evening I was notified by Outlook that it was time for Perficient’s annual pre-Summit dinner, the first time I’ve not been to Las Vegas in March since Summit moved from Salt Lake City.

While I am glad that Adobe has taken measures for the safety of our community, colleagues and family, I will miss meeting up with you at Adobe Summit 2020.

As we cannot meet up in person, Adobe has re-launched Adobe Summit as an online experience. Now we can watch all of the Adobe-goodness at our leisure. If only we were stuck inside with nothing better to do…

To help you keep busy during the quarantine, I’ve put together a list of my themes for Summit 2020 and the top videos I’m going to be watching!

Theme #1: End of Cookies

Safari represents 56% of mobile browser visitors in the US, so if you care about mobile visitors ITP is already the reality. Even if not, Chrome, which represents 65% of the global browser market share, is announced similar measures coming soon. Clearly, relying on 3rd party cookies is not a winning strategy, so what do we do next?

Theme #2: The Next Generation of Content Management

I’ve been working with Adobe Experience Manager for a long time and frankly, while Adobe has been making iterative investments and UI changes, the tool is recognizably similar to how it was 10 years ago. Now with AEM as a Cloud Service, Adobe is changing the game and I for one am very interested to see where they are going.

In addition to AEM as a Cloud Service, there’s also some great AEM Classic vs Cloud Service agnostic content:


Theme #3: Get the Most out of Adobe Analytics

I always enjoy seeing what other practitioners and organizations are doing with Adobe Analytics, this year there are some great sessions around getting the most out of Adobe Analytics.


Theme #4: Adobe Experience Platform

Adobe Experience Platform represents the next generation of customer data management and orchestration on the Adobe Experience Cloud. I’m excited to see the promise meet reality.


And of course: Sneaks!

Sneaks is always my favorite session at Adobe Summit, who doesn’t like seeing cool stuff and technologists heckled by comedians? The hardest things about sneaks is realizing the cool stuff you saw won’t be available immediately. There’s tons of neat topics today, but here are the two I’m most excited about.



Bonus: All 120 Summit Breakouts

In addition to my top sessions, when researching for this post, I also created a list of the 120 breakout sessions for Summit 2020. Here’s the full list for your easy perusal!



Paid search campaigns in an auto-optimized world

Using AI and machine learning to build models, Adobe Sensei optimizes paid search campaigns to improve ROI.


Disrupt the 2020 upfront with Adobe Advertising Cloud TV

Learn advanced strategies in TV advertising to maximize your upfront investment


As the Cookie Crumbles: Advertising in a cookie-less world

Get insights into the new world of data collection and identity management as we move into a cookie-less era.


Real-time audiences in advertising

Use seamless workflows across Adobe Experience Cloud to exceed customer expectations and power advertising like never before.




Don’t Be a Basic Batch: Test Nurture Program Success

Construct your way to success by building and testing your most engaging nurture program yet.


B2B customer experience: out with the old, in with the new

Competing in the new B2B world requires agile digital capabilities. Learn how to use Experience Cloud to deliver top experiences.


Leading marketing during digital transformation

Join Valerie Beaulieu, U.S. CMO at Microsoft, for a talk about her experience leading during Microsoft’s digital transformation.


Manage Marketo Engage for sustainable growth

Learn how to scale your instance of Marketo Engage as your team grows, including changes to make now to prevent problems later.


Practical uses of AI for today’s enterprise marketers

Learn about the latest AI innovations designed to help you take your demand marketing to the next level.


Build a model to develop ideal sales-qualified leads

Learn how to use all the information that you have to develop and send sales the right lead.


Practices in marketing operations to earn a seat at table

Become a trusted advisor, measure the right information, and show returns to solidify marketing as a revenue powerhouse.


All about the before, during, and after of lead scoring

Get best practices on how to design, implement, report and monitor your lead scoring strategy with Marketo engage.


Techniques for solving errors in Marketo Engage

Uncovering common issues that users come across and how to locate the source of an error and fix it quickly.


The best-kept Marketo secret: the Campaign Requested feature

Learn how to simplify complex workflows, flexibility to change and update campaigns, and build a scalable infrastructure.


Data science and Marketo Engage drive robust ROI

Learn how integrating data science into the core of your marketing strategy not only helps your team but also your bottom line.


Resuscitate and revive dying leads

Ensure you’re getting the most engagement out of your database with this session’s guide to nurture leads back into the hot seat.


Anatomy of a modular marketo engage template

Get the most out of your templates, including how to work with an agency, and email and landing page optimization must-haves.


Give prospects content they want with data-driven engagement

Reach the right audience at the right time with the right content for a truly unique experience that leaves your buyers satisfied.


Omnichannel nurturing and customer engagement

Engage customers with relevant personalized content, create an integrated nurture system, and coordinate across multiple channels.


Growing your ROI with strong attribution

Learn the theory of attribution from first touch all the way to AI-driven and best practices from implementation to overhaul.


Privacy compliance and legal requirements in Marketo

Build a privacy compliance program with segmentation, region updates, merging duplicates, and controlling implied consent.


Keep your Marketo Engage instance healthy

Learn how to perform an audit of your Marketo Engage instance, set up customized smart lists, and devise a targeted project plan.


A crash course in marketing and sales integration

Learn to use Marketo Engage to create an alignment strategy that fosters efficiency, scalability, and results for everyone.


Building the dream team for the perfect martech deployment

Gain an in-depth understanding of all processes behind a MarTech deployment to plan, implement, and launch a new platform.


20/20 vision into reporting and attribution

Learn how to pass EVARs to Marketo Engage forms, as well as best practices for hard- and soft-gating content.


New opportunities in the email enlightenment algorithm

Get a deep understanding of how the algorithm works and actionable insights to making improvements to your emails today.


Expand your Marketo Engage capabilities

Uncover the inner workings of automation and receive golden nuggets from industry insiders.


Designing a smart nurture program

Create nurture programs that are insightful and intuitive. How to set up Marketo Engage programs for attribution and reporting.


Special Events Advanced Tactics to fill every S.E.A.T

Get tips on Marketo Engage to nurture leads, fill seats and interact with your attendees before, during, and after your event.




Larson-Juhl modernized their business with Magento Commerce

Learn about the decisions that Larson-Juhl made to revolutionize their customer experience across the globe.


Page Builder, PWA Studio, and Magento Commerce Experience

Learn about upcoming innovations to Page Builder and PWA Studio that will enhance your Magento Commerce experience.


Allbirds meteoric success: omnichannel retail in China

Allbirds has seen huge growth due to a personalized digital strategy in one of the largest digital commerce market in the world.


Adobe Sensei powers Magento product recommendations

Learn how Adobe Sensei will soon bring the power of creating and managing intelligent product recommendations to Magento Commerce.


Carrier Enterprise drives B2B experiences with PWAs

Learn how progressive web apps (PWAs) helped Watsco’s Carrier Enterprise business pioneer a headless commerce solution.


Integrating Magento with external systems

Get a high-level view of using Magento Web to handle large volumes of data while integrating external systems.


Going headless with Magento Commerce

Find out how Adobe and Magento Commerce help businesses operate headless commerce to streamline experiences across touchpoints.




Top innovations in Adobe Experience Manager Sites

Stay in front of the evolving digital experiences revolution with these must-have innovations from Experience Manager Sites.


Learn how others are using data to drive retail growth

Data is arguably the most important asset retailers can use to drive growth. Learn how it’s being optimized in a new study.


Omnichannel shopping experiences using headless commerce

Create streamlined omnichannel shopping experiences using an API-first and microservices approach from Magento Commerce.


Retailer Session – Rite Aid and Principal Forrester Analyst

A popular summit session, the retail industry session delivers expert thought leadership for your marketing program.


The U.S. Census digital transformation

Learn how the U.S. Census Bureau is using Adobe technology to collect the nations’s leading source of quality data.


A well-oiled machine: Adobe Experience Manager integrations

Use Experience Manager integrations to get powerful analytic and website optimization products to drive online initiatives.


Commerce-led, experience-led, or headless: the best approach

Meet enterprise needs and take advantage of scale, efficiencies, and cross-brand insights with a content and commerce platform.


Esri’s digital transformation and Adobe Experience Cloud

Learn how Esri, a 50 year old company, transformed their marketing technology, resulting in higher revenue and web traffic.


Fantastic Metadata and Where to Find It

Make leaps in content productivity by breaking down the siloes between Creative Cloud tools and Digital Asset Management.


Content Strategy and Architecture

Learn how content architecture is a crucial part of the infrastructure your brand needs to achieve content velocity.


Get on the fast track to modernized forms

Learn why a modernized forms experience matters, and how you can do so while gaining 379% ROI for your organization.


Better workflows for designers in Adobe Experience Manager

Streamline digital authoring without compromising design integrity or UX governance with tools in Experience Manager.


Transitioning Adobe Experience Manager to Cloud Manager

Customers expect new experiences more often. Cloud Manager helps overcome the technological challenges of rapid release cycles.


Top innovations: Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service

Achieve SaaS-like agility and meet ever-changing customer expectations using Experience Manager as a Cloud Service.


Albertsons powers personalization with Adobe

Albertsons personalized e-commerce experiences with out-of-the-box and custom Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Target tools.


Adobe Experience Manager: Top five digital screen features

Take your digital experience into the physical world and streamline workflows with powerful digital signage, kiosks and more.


Get the most out of dynamic media and master rich media

Put your time and energy to better use. Adobe Experience Manager Assets and Dynamic Media AI can free you from tedious tasks.


Make omnichannel experiences a reality — easily

Experience a demo reusing content to see how to easily flow your brand experience across channels with Adobe Experience Manager.


Under Armour and Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service

Hear how Under Armour migrated to Adobe Experience Manager Assets as a Cloud Service to maximize marketing flexibility and scale.


The power of traditional and headless content management

Learn how to deliver localized, real-time content using the Content Services Framework to power any application or channel.


Get to market fast with Adobe Experience Manager Sites

Don’t delay your product launch. Experience Manager has out-of-the-box tools and production-ready components to speed timelines.


Customer Journey Management


Marketing trends that will impact business most in 2020

Get the details on five marketing trends that will impact businesses most in the next 12–18 months.


Adobe & Econsultancy experience index: digital trends 2020

Explore how leading businesses are taking advantage of digital transformations to set them apart from the mainstream.


Using data to scale the experience business of travel

Learn about Econsultancy’s 2020 travel industry trends and how travel leaders use data to drive customer experiences.


If you want to be loved, be lovable

Hear Tim Arthur’s success principles, and about the pitfalls he nearly fell in on his path. Simple solutions to complex problems.


Get the Best from Your Adobe Campaign Implementations

Learn the workflows and deliveries of Campaign to help your team save time and build a better experience.


How to deliver memorable customer experiences through people

Learn how Virgin Atlantic implemented new practices in consistent service while maintaining the friendly spirit they’re known for.


Healthcare demands exceptional experience

Learn what today’s healthcare companies need to do to connect emotionally with customers through real-time personalization.


Vitamix achieves relationship marketing with Adobe Campaign

Learn about Vitamix’s approach to customer relationship marketing and how they’ve improved engagement and loyalty.


Maximize the latest features in Adobe Campaign

Learn how to take advantage of underused key features in Campaign to increase your customers’ time to value.


Relevant Sports champions real-time experiences

Get an introduction to Journey Orchestration in Adobe Experience Platform and learn how it helps Relevant Sports succeed.


Create engaging mobile experiences with Adobe Campaign

Learn mobile messaging tips and tricks from Adobe and Telus Communications on how to drive personalization for your customers.


Get more out of Adobe Campaign Classic

Get concrete guidance and takeaways on Campaign product capabilities that you can use to drive higher results.


The customer experience management mandate

Get an in-depth view of the state of CXM, including the challenges, opportunities, and tips on building a CXM strategy.


Customer Retention with Adobe Campaign and Adobe Analytics

Learn how to integrate Adobe Campaign with Adobe Analytics to connect your customer communication and data insights practices.


Prioritize data for today’s cross-channel needs

Get tips and tricks from the Adobe Campaign Value Acceleration team to prioritize and optimize your data.


Supercharge your customer journeys with Adobe

Learn how to use Adobe Campaign and Adobe Experience Platform to deliver real-time, individual engagements across channels.


The revolution of the experience economy

Learn what it takes to innovate in the experience economy through examples of brands that are leading the way.


Data & Insights


The future of personalization with Adobe

Join Adobe experts as they discuss how Adobe Target and Adobe Experience Platform are evolving to power personalized experiences.


The minimalist approach to more insights

Learn how everyone on your team can use Adobe Analytics to track and use customer behavior, even new employees.


How best-in-class companies do real-time customer experience

Join Deloitte Digital to learn how businesses take back ownership of their data to harness the power of customer information.


Balancing the competing KPIs of your digital business

Learn how Samsung outlined multiple business goals and made razor-sharp definitions of how each webpage contributed to that goal.


With Alloy.js, never tag for an eVar or Mbox again

Learn about the hard work our teams have done to build a new library, Alloy.js, that you can use across Adobe solutions.


Adobe Experience Platform Query Service clarifies insights

Unlock richer analysis and insights about your customer experience through direct query access to omnichannel customer data.


Adobe Experience Platform Identity Service

Find out how we’re making it easier to solve personalization in an era of privacy challenges and fragmented data.


Build customer journeys on Adobe Experience Platform

Find out how Experience Platform can fit into your existing data infrastructure and implementations to get up and running faster.


Accelerating the use of AI in digital transformation

The lessons top marketing executives have in learned throughout their AI journey.


Power real-time customer experiences with AI

Learn how Adobe Experience Platform Data Science Workspace solves the challenges you face in delivering personalized experiences.


Data governance in customer experience workflows

Learn how Adobe Experience Platform provides an industry-first, extensible governance framework for governance policies.


Preparing for a world without cookies

Join Adobe experts as they discuss their takes on a future with or without the cookie, including how we’re tackling the challenge.


Building and executing a home page personalization strategy

Learn from iconic tech brands as they share strategies for refreshing and revitalizing their brands.


BMO’s blueprint for proving personalization value

Learn how the teams at the Bank of Montreal grew delivering value through quality, personalized experiences.


Establishing scalable testing in regulated industries

Learn about the role that technology, processes, and people play in supporting brand transformation initiatives.


Panera reimagined ordering experiences with Adobe Target

Learn how Panera implemented Adobe Target and Adobe Launch to perform powerful A/B testing and geotargeted personalization.


B2B personalization in VMware’s journey to scale and success

Watch Pranay Goyal, personalization and A/B testing lead for, discuss how they’re personalizing for a global audience.


A crash course in data management platforms (DMPs)

Learn what a DMP is, what it can do, and how it can help make your marketing technology stack even more powerful.


Breaking Down the Walls between DMPs and Walled Gardens

Learn how Adobe Audience Manager bridges the gap between device-based and people-based channels with people-based destinations.


Incorporating Adobe Experience Platform into your business

Learn about the integration options with Experience Platform and how it can help you deliver real-time customer experiences.


Advanced customer data management for marketers and IT

Watch our Real-time Customer Data Platform, powered by Adobe Experience Platform, in action and learn how it helps business grow.


Adobe Experience Platform powers the future of experience

Experience Platform helps you identify, understand, and engage customers to deliver the future of compelling experiences.


First steps to visualize the customer journey

Analysis Workspace lets you use powerful visualizations to discover valuable insights into the customer journey.


Tackle complex customer journeys with cross-device analytics

With cross-device analytics in Adobe Analytics, your business can understand customer behavior across mobile, desktop, and more.


Implementation tips for Adobe Analytics

Tips, tricks, and pro secrets for implementing Adobe Analytics, including data layers, processing rules, and more.


A deep dive on data democratization

Actionable tips and tricks to establish and improve data governance in your organization.


Become a citizen data scientist with augmented analytics

Learn the tips, tricks for maximizing the value of anomaly detection, contribution analysis, and other AI-powered technologies.


The omnichannel future with customer journey analytics

Use Adobe Analytics to explore and understand the entire customer journey, from mobile app to brick-and-mortar interactions.


What data storytelling is, is not, and how to do it

Maximize the impact of the insights you’ve uncovered and garner support from stakeholders and executives to sponsor your ideas.


Advanced analysis with Adobe Experience Platform and R

Whether you’re new to R or an expert, make exciting data discoveries using interactive visualizations and machine-learning models.


Analytics tribe of mentors: achieving rockstar status

Gain practical advice from industry-leading analytics professionals on how to achieve rockstar status in your organization.


How to start with Adobe Analytics

Gain an understanding of the building blocks of Adobe Analytics, including metrics, dimensions, campaign attribution, and more.


Our best Adobe Analytics tips and tricks

Learn advanced methods for breaking down data silos in Analysis Workspace using the latest updates from Adobe Analytics.


Getting started with segmentation

Learn how Adobe Analytics gives you the ability to build, manage, share, and apply powerful audience segments in your analysis.


Advanced techniques to get the most out of Adobe Analytics

Get real-world examples of how organizations use implementation and analysis techniques to accelerate their analytics programs.


Attribution game plan for marketing channel measurement

Only organizations with a clear strategy for effective marketing channel measurement will be able to maximize their investments.




Let Experience League help you develop skills any time

Helps users learn, connect, and grow along a personalized path to success that includes self-help and instructor-led training.




Adobe Sneak: Project Segment Scout

An experimental, natural language-based tool that will allow users of any technical ability to build powerful customer segments.


Adobe Sneak: Project Snippets

Project Snippets uses AI to automatically personalize teasers — titles, descriptions, and images — across audiences.


Adobe Sneak: Project Bon Voyage

Use Bon Voyage to see real-time customer-journey performance and take corrective action as needed.


Adobe Sneak: Project Clothes Swap

An AI tool that will streamline the content workflow for clothing retailers and optimize the online shopping experience.


Adobe Sneak: Project Access Ace

Give people with visual or cognitive disabilities increased access to your digital content with this AI tool concept.


Adobe Sneak: Project Gluestick

A no-code, drag-and-drop visual interface that will help build custom apps and create automated cross-application workflows.


Adobe Sneak: Project Dually Noted

Project Dually Noted allows collaboration across physical and digital documents by using augmented reality to create a bridge.


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