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Rapid Help for Healthcare Contact Centers Amid COVID-19 Demands

Auto Attendants & Call Queues

Across industries, contact centers struggle to maintain pace with concerns, questions, and urgent needs surrounding COVID-19. This reality holds especially true for healthcare payers and providers serving on the front lines, helping to save lives and communicate ever-evolving resources and instructions to the public.

Contact centers are especially struggling in the following ways:

  1. Heavy call volume placing significant strain on staffing and system capacity
  2. Work-from-home approaches not functioning well, or a new solution needed
  3. Self-service capabilities limited or not effective
  4. Centers need additional channels for customer interaction

Call centers need help, and they need it quickly

Because call centers’ ability to support patients and members during this time demands a rapid response, we’ve identified quick-deploy solutions that can help ease the strain:

Better allocate demands placed on call center staff

  • Rapid Response Cloud Contact Center | 2 days-3 weeks
    Standby Contact Center rapidly scales to necessary capacity (agents and calls), reverting to a dormant, low-cost environment when not in use
  • Call Back Application | 2 days-1 week
    Offer callers a position in the queue and/or scheduled call back
  • Call Triage | 1-4 weeks
    Train an NLP model to determine caller/chat intent and route to agents/self-service options appropriately.

Empower employees working from home

  • Remote Agents and Workspace | 2 days-3 weeks
    Delivering a remote agent experience with a complete Windows-based desktop and call center

Empower your patients and members with greater self-service access

  • COVID-19 Assessment Bot | 1-2 weeks
    Support coronavirus screening leveraging CDC guidelines and pre-defined templates
  • Self-Service Bot | 2 weeks
    Train a conversational AI platform to answer 25 common questions (FAQs) to deflect calls from the IVR

Magnify communication to your community

  • Outbound Notifications | 2 days-1 week
    Enable outbound SMS and/or email one-way communications
  • Digital Mailroom | 4-6 weeks
    Automation of incoming emails or digital communication with ML/NLS and backend business process platform

Our team of specialists in healthcare and call center digital transformations offers Strategic Consulting backed with extensive experience and know-how. We can quickly and impactfully help you to identify bottlenecks impacting customer satisfaction, scalability, and efficiencies, equipping you to address unexpected impacts to your contact center. Additionally, our Managed Services Offering (MSO) delivers proactive support services that improve the reliability and performance of your solution beyond implementation, ensuring sustained success.

If you’re struggling with burdens placed on your contact center, please reach out to our healthcare team, who can provide expert advice and help get you through these challenging times.


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