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Looking Beyond COVID-19: The Digital Mailroom

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As COVID-19 spreads across the country, organizations are preparing for the future in an entirely new business landscape. Many companies are looking for solutions that can help them become more efficient and productive while saving money in the long term.

Our digital mailroom solution, which can be built on any of the top three platforms, triages emails that come in through generic email inboxes for IT support, customer orders, etc. The solution automates the manual process of scanning, extracting, and entering email data using robotic process automation (RPA), which can take the data in, extract it, and classify it to create successful case tickets in seconds.

Digital mailroom capabilities 

The digital mailroom enables you to:

  • Intelligently route email based on text entity, category, and sentiment analysis
  • Integrate with visual recognition APIs or optical character recognition (OCR) technology to retrieve text from images and attachments
  • Ingest all text-based context, parse unstructured data into structured elements, and deliver actionable items with natural language processing (NLP)
  • Create a text analyzer rule to provide sentiment, categorization, text extraction, and intent analysis of text-based content
  • Leverage case management for intelligent routing, tracking work through its full lifecycle to gain end-to-end visibility and control
  • Automate repetitive and unattended back-office activities with RPA
  • Queue cases to validate case data and run a duplicate check

Customizing your digital mailroom 

There are many components to our digital mailroom solution – you can choose which components are most important to solve your business challenges. This enables the person or team that oversees your generic mailboxes to focus on business-critical tasks, increasing efficiency, and productivity.

Regardless of the technology components you choose, you can reduce your overall operating costs and streamline email processes. Components include:

  • Email channel configuration – setting up email accounts, listener and channel, testing. This creates a default case that can be routed to a queue to be worked on manually, without having to build a case lifecycle or custom case. (This is the most basic implementation.)
  • OCR/Conversation/Image Analysis APIs (*optional*)
  • Text analyzer/models
    • Entity extraction models
    • Intent extraction model
    • Sentiment extraction model
    • Taxonomy
  • RPA (*optional*)
    • Standard automation
    • Setting up bots
  • Case management (*optional*)

To learn more about our digital mailroom solution or to inquire about pricing, click here.


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