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Apigee Remains Leader in API Management

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Over the last few years, API management platforms have seen a lot of change and maturation. As market demands continue to evolve, vendors have evolved as well, albeit at their own pace. Gartner published a report assessing various API management vendors and their ability to facilitate API life cycle management. As stated in the Gartner report, today’s full life cycle API management involves:

  • The planning, design, implementation, testing, publication, operation, consumption, maintenance, versioning and retirement of APIs
  • Delivery of a developer portal through which to target, market to and govern communities of developers who embed APIs
  • Runtime management
  • Estimation of APIs’ value
  • The use of analytics to understand patterns of API usage

Using these criteria as well as the ability to execute and completeness of vision, Apigee established itself as a leader in API vendors in the Gartner report. Over the past year, Apigee has added new integration features such as Apigee Extensions to continue to adapt to the ever-changing market needs.

Apigee Edge, the core Apigee API management platform, is available both on-premises and in the cloud as well as for hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Google Cloud also offers Apigee Compass, a self-assessment tool for digital strategy maturity. This ability to support users through their digital transformation journey is a major differentiator among API vendors for Apigee. As listed in the report, users also noted Apigee Edge offers a key benefit of ease of use.

Why Perficient

Perficient is partnered with Apigee to complement and extend your API management strategy and implementation expertise. Our team of certified experts provides end-to-end solutions for enterprise-scale API management wherever you are in your digital transformation journey. For more information on our Apigee partnership, visit our Google partner page.

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