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Can Digital Solutions Help Us Understand and Battle COVID-19?

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How can we use digital technologies to combat the spread of COVID-19?

To use a recent industry analogy, the virus moves along its own supply chain, from source to recipient (person to person), often with many individual cases occurring in clusters. These patterns can provide us clues as to how the virus will further propagate. Digital technology, in the form of current industry network operating models coupled with transparency and predictive modeling, may offer a solution.

Data analytics and predictive modeling have evolved exponentially over the last few years from retailers predicting pregnancies before the pregnant individuals even knew themselves, the anticipation of client buying habits through industry models to the influencing of major international political elective and economic outcomes.

So where do we get the data?

The Facebook Nation has grown past the 1 billion soul mark as of January 2020 and organizations are using this information, some for constructive reasons, to predict consumer behavior and buying habits. Needless to say, organizations are collecting data including the Government, Healthcare organizations, Pharma and many more.

So now that we have the fuel, we need the rocket!

Present-day commercial operating models have provided a network of Buyers and Sellers who transact orders and share information. The more partners who connect over these networks, the more the networks grow and the more powerful and valuable they become. Combine that with the power of the digital age, and the network will grow exponentially. Healthcare organizations, as well as the Government, already use these models internally – it’s time to start sharing.

How can we use this information to combat contagious diseases besides COVID-19?

COVID-19 is thriving due to several key factors two of which are the following:

  • It is a highly contagious disease with a long incubation period which spreads quickly and predictably through human contact
  • Misinformation and lack of information accelerates the spread of the disease

The network model with supply chain capabilities described above offers a solution, the key being that the same partners in this network model, Providers, Payors, Pharma Companies, and even social media must band together and provide end to end supply chain visibility. Furthermore, the application of effective behavioral predictive modeling capabilities will provide insight into the human movement and behaviors which spread the disease and enable healthcare entities to take a proactive approach.

This same network also provides the structure for the proper dissemination of preventative and instructional information for patients tailored to their specific venue.
To provide this we need, agile digital and IT capabilities and the ability to plug into the network and communicate with partners consistently and effectively.

This is possible through the application of evolved supply chain models, the implementation of Agile methodologies allowing us to be nimble, and the use of predictive modeling techniques on the vast amount of data collected already for retail purposes.

Needless to say, the implementation of tele-models into these supply chains reduces the risk of contagion even more! – That is a whole new topic though.


The answer lies in communication and collaboration within the partner’s walls and across the network which connects us all. It’s time to increase transparency and take a unified approach. Understanding the behavior of the patient, the sharing of this information and the infusion of modern technology is tantamount to success.

Please feel free to reach out to discuss this further.


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