Three Ways to Stay Connected in the Age of Virtual Conferences

It’s an unfortunate set of circumstances that are leading to tech conference cancellations, postponements or going all digital. We are challenged to reimagine what the virtual conference experience could look like for employees, partners, and customers.

In our tech-oriented world, we’re constantly talking about change and transformation. We’re faced daily with challenges surrounding canceled or delayed projects, or projects that pursue a new direction. Opening our clients up to the art of possible is how we help them reach their highest potential.

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So, what happens when our biggest tech conferences are confined to the digital space? Well, I think it’s a great opportunity to reimagine how partners and customers access the conference content. We’re tasked with providing the valuable networking, executive meetings, training, certification testing and live demos that are a significant part of attending these conferences.

Transitioning to virtual conferences doesn’t have to mean all is lost. It means looking at how we can meet our employees, partners, and customers where they are and get them what they need. I have some ideas:

  1. Host live viewing parties that are engaging and fun for attendees bringing in traditional conference concepts such as food, giveaways, live customer panels, networking and a killer end of day event.
  2. Host a post-conference wrap session with highlights of the key announcements and live demos.
  3. Host enablement events to prep attendees for certifications and have existing certified individuals to have “ask the expert” sessions.

Although I am disappointed that I don’t get to spend a week in San Francisco at Google Cloud NEXT connecting with our customers, partners, and old friends, I am pretty excited about the opportunity that lies ahead to be more purposeful in how we connect and consume everything great that will come from Google Cloud Next ’20: Digital Connect.

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