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Transforming Digital Health with Acquia

Even a few years ago, I would have told you that there is no place in healthcare for open source technologies like Drupal. The marketing technology within healthcare has largely been dominated by Microsoft-enabled technologies and proprietary systems supported by a single company.  However, Drupal has become a key tool in the toolbox of healthcare marketers and here are a few of the trends driving adoption.

On The Cloud with Acquia

The ubiquity of the cloud, across all types of organizations, means that organizations no longer need to staff the resources to support the ongoing maintenance and security updates to Drupal. Organizations are now comfortable hosting websites, intranets and even portals on the cloud and Acquia is providing an enterprise cloud platform and support to meet their needs. Gone are the days of security professionals expressing concerns about open source, now that Acquia has provided HIPAA-compliant hosting and full support that addresses the needs of healthcare, financial services, and even the federal government.

About the Journey

While the web remains a consistent place for consumers to interact with their healthcare provider, the reality is that consumers are engaging across multiple channels – mobile, email, text and others. With pressure from new commercial entrants into healthcare like Amazon, CVS, and Walmart, healthcare organizations need to deliver an experience. Healthcare isn’t an experience most go looking for deliberately, so delight in their experience is a tall order. However, the healthcare journey is both complex and confusing, so understanding a user across that journey, through multiple channels, can make a difference in that experience.  Through a full Acquia Marketing Cloud, Acquia has products that allow us to track consumers across their patient journey, regardless of channel and meet them with the right message at the right time.

Leveraging the Community

With the need for digital transformation so high and yet budgets not increasing to meet those demands, healthcare organizations need to leverage the work of the community in ways that allow them to leverage those budgets toward innovation and differentiation, not on building the basic integrations. Drupal’s community has thousands of modules that address the common needs of healthcare sites, freeing up healthcare teams to create meaningful experiences to engage their consumers.

Click here to learn more from Acquia about how Perficient has been supporting the needs of healthcare organizations to engage with consumers, patients, members and physicians with the Acquia platform.

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