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Perficient Game Night – A Winning Move for Company Morale

Game Night

This winter, Perficient colleagues from our St. Louis office stayed warm by heating up the competition at the annual Game Night.

STL Game Night

St. Louis Perficient employees use their teamwork in the strategy-based game, Pandemic.

The Social and Cultural Committee organized the game night, which attracted a number of employees across departments. Among those in attendance were managers, IT folks, marketing whizzes, and PerficientU graduates. They all participated with the goal of getting to know each other (and perhaps bringing home a Candyland trophy, if lucky).

Some employees even brought in their own games. Kelly Scott, payroll coordinator, introduced her officemates to Pandemic. In this game, players work as a team to stop a virus from spreading to cities across the game board. Kelly shared, “I really appreciated that people were willing to sit down and learn a new game with me! We didn’t finish the game, but that’s because we were talking and having a great time!”

STL Game Night-Jeremy

Jeremy Limones enjoys learning how to play the game Pandemic.

A Little Friendly Competition

Img 2498  Game Night

UNO Attack was particularly popular. Lauren Reeves, talent acquisition coordinator, said, “I played UNO Attack, and let me tell ya, it was competitive for sure! The original game is already stressful, but when you are pressured to press a button that decides your fate….it gets intense.” The verdict is still out on whether the match was rigged, as the game belonged to the second-time reigning champion, Garrett Hill, senior marketing coordinator. When questioned about his suspicious victory, Garrett had no comment.

Company Morale for the Win at Game Night

Employees shared that the best thing about Game Night was how it brought everyone together and made them feel valued. PerficientU graduate, Daniel Ibrahim, said, “It is awesome to work for a company that appreciates its employees enough to do things like game night. I feel extremely lucky to be at a place that not only values my knowledge and skillset but also recognizes that these events are extremely valuable in boosting morale!”

Img 2482 Img 2481 Img 2470

“Company culture doesn’t just happen.” – Marisa Lather, marketing manager

Lauren, who had just completed her first week with Perficient, mirrored Daniel’s words: “I am a new employee, so it was a great opportunity to be able to bond with my co-workers over some of my favorite games.” Lauren appreciated the variety of games offered. She shared, “It felt like there was a game for everyone!”

Marisa Lather also made an appearance at the event. She commented that “Even in the snow, I knew Game Night would be an easy, fun way to get to know new colleagues and catch up with other ones!” Marisa, who is well-known in the St. Louis office, continued, “Company culture doesn’t just happen, so it’s motivating for all of us when there is organic participation. The most fun I had wasn’t even playing a game, but discussing personality types and learning some new photo editing tips to up my Instagame (so there was gaming involved, right?).”

Overall, the event was a raving success and looks to be a Perficient tradition for years to come. What great events is your office hosting? Let us know how your team boosts morale and recognizes employees!

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Laura Kenny, Talent Acquisition Coordinator

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