My Adobe Audience Manager Certification Experience

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As I wrote previously in another blog post, I challenged myself to obtain a few different Adobe Certifications by the end of 2019. As the end of the year came and went, I ended up with three Adobe Certifications. I’m now an Adobe Certified Expert in Adobe Analytics, Audience Manager and Target.

After passing the Adobe Analytics exam, I decided to go after the Adobe Audience Manager (AAM) Business Practitioner Certification. It made the most sense, as Adobe Analytics and Audience Manager both make up the Adobe Analytics Cloud. I started taking the online partner portal AAM courses with very little previous experience with the Audience Manager. However, I still felt it was easier to understand the concepts and master AAM than it was Adobe Analytics. The actual exam, while challenging, was not as difficult as the Adobe Analytic exam either. But, the AAM knowledge I gained was every bit as valuable. Mastering topics such as creating meaningful audience segments, combining online & offline data sets and using data destinations prove to be valuable in my everyday work as an Analytics Consultant. Below is some info regarding the structure of the AAM Business Practitioner Exam (9A0-415):

Adobe Audience Manager Business Practitioner Certification (9A0-415) Exam Structure

  • Questions: 60
  • Time to Complete: 90 Minutes
  • Type of Test: Multiple Choice & Multiple Select
  • Delivery Method: Online Proctored (webcam & mic required)

All Adobe exams require a score of at least 550 to pass. Your test score can range from 300-700. When reading these requirements for the first time, most people have the same questions; how many questions do I need to answer correctly in order to get at least a 550 passing grade? In my search for this answer, I stumbled upon many forums with comments from people who had the same exact question. The best resource to use, in order to find this answer, can be found in the Adobe ACE Passing Percentage Guide.

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This list will tell you the passing percentage needed for each exam. If you use the percentage on this list, along with the number of questions on the exam you are taking (which can be found in the Adobe exam guide for your particular exam:, you can calculate the number of correct answers needed to score a 550, or above, and pass. For example, there are 60 questions on the 9A0-415 exam, and you need a 73% (as of writing this) to pass. 73% of 60 is 43.8, so you would need to answer 44 of the 60 questions correctly to pass.

Topics Covered

There are over 14 hours of on-demand video training, as well as several instructor-led courses, on the Adobe Partner Solutions website for AAM. However, the 9A0-415 exam takes a narrow focus, with all 60 questions falling into one of these four main topics:

  • Activation (32%): Creating audience segments and traits, understand addressable audiences for destinations, understand how to add new destinations and describe destination types.
  • Analysis (32%): Define Total Audience Size, the difference between Real-Time and Total Segment populations, the daily rate of change of an audience, Boolean Logic, compare audience sizes.
  • Platform Configuration (16%): Clear naming conventions, navigating tool to the right segment, locate and export reports for data manipulation.
  • Data Flow Quality Assurance (20%): Perform quality assurance of the AAM (DEMDEX) pixel, read and interpret Unused Signals Reports, perform quality assurance of match rates to a destination.

Overall, preparing for and taking the AAM Business Practitioner exam was a rewarding experience. While learning, it was obvious that this curriculum was going to make me a better data and analytics professional and help me in my day-to-day work responsibilities.

If you have any interest in learning more about taking Adobe exams, click here for information on the following:

  • Exam Prep Resources
  • How to Register
  • What to Expect on Test Day

This will take you to a previous review of my Adobe Analytics certification experience. The second half of the article covers the three topics listed above. Also, check back in the near future for an additional review of my Adobe Target certification experience.

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