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Five Benefits of a 360-Degree View of Customers in Healthcare

360-Degree View of Customers

Regardless of industry, all organizations seek a 360-degree view of customers. But within healthcare, this is often a complex and challenging task. A 360-degree view of customers offers a holistic, comprehensive view across all channels of engagement and accounts for each interaction with customers. This view is created by integrating data across multiple disparate sources. With regulatory data security and HIPAA compliance in healthcare, creating a single comprehensive view through system integration creates an additional challenge to plan for and accommodate.

CRM systems offer a feasible solution for leveraging data across several enterprise sources accessing minimal protected health information (PHI) data with a strong focus on meeting privacy and security requirements.

There are five benefits to be gained by creating a 360-degree view of the customer and some of these include:

  1. Optimized marketing efforts. Knowing how customers have responded to specific marketing campaigns previously and the clinical area services/health plans they are using can assist you in identifying appropriate campaigns to target them with additional services of interest.
  2. Enhanced customer service. Having the history across all engagement channels from customer service call center, patient portals and mobile apps can assist in resolving customer questions, concerns, and issues from the historic behavior that is seen.
  3. Personalized experiences. Creating a true omnichannel experience that is unified and unique to each customer will ensure they always have the right message/services, at the right time on the platform of their choice.
  4. Improved data quality. Integrating data across several sources to create a single source of truth will help reduce redundancies and duplicates in data. Understanding the data quality scope of the single system will allow your organization’s teams to work towards improving the quality and to be alerted should it drop.
  5. Holistic reporting. For the first-time obtain a clear view into the customer to understand the lifetime value of a customer, identify and set the appropriate level of marketing attribution, and much more.

These benefits can help healthcare organizations create customer loyalty and drive competitive advantage. With a 360-degree customer view, tools that use artificial intelligence to meet specific organizational goals become easier to adopt and leverage.

Within healthcare, HIPAA compliance and data security will continue to remain a top priority and challenge in creating a single integrated view of the customer but with the CRM tools available today and consulting expertise to assist with these efforts, this is possible.

Please leave a comment below on whether your healthcare organization has achieved a 360-degree view of its customers or whether this is something you are working towards and any challenges being experienced.

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Susan Kight

Susan Kight is a lead business consultant with digital experience spanning healthcare, finance, and education industries. With a core grounding in marketing, product management, and analytics, Susan is able to assist clients at the intersection of where digital, strategy and data meet. She is extremely passionate about helping healthcare organizations improve patient outcomes through the delivery of successfully executed innovative digital strategies. Susan helps clients to build best-in-class, engaging digital experiences that achieve business goals and lead to high ROI.

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