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Providing A Connected Vehicle Experience With Cloud

The following is the twelfth blog in a series about why businesses are moving to the cloud to modernize and improve business performance.

Throughout this series, we have discussed the many benefits of cloud, including increased velocity for innovation, enhanced security, and the opportunity for ROI. Now, we want to discuss how the cloud can help businesses in their specific circumstances by looking at different industries. In our last blog, we highlighted a financial services example of giving customers a unified experience by bringing data together in the cloud. In this blog, we’re going to dive into an automotive maker use case in which we gave drivers a connected experience with cloud.

Providing a connected car experience with cloud

People today can connect more devices than ever – and that includes their car. An international car manufacturer wanted to take advantage of that by providing a more cost-effective connected vehicle experience for its customers, while also wanting to monetize its connected features. It was unable to implement this, though, due to its existing platform relying on disparate legacy systems that lacked a robust user experience.

To modernize the client’s platform, we developed an API-driven, cloud-native platform, built on Pivotal Cloud Foundry. With the capabilities of the new platform in mind, we also implemented a rigorous, test-driven development approach in combination with CI/CD practices to streamline future development. This enabled the multi-channel connected capabilities that the client was looking for, while they were also able to monetize it.

With this new platform, the client was able to monitor applications globally, enjoy greater flexibility, speed to market, and development effectiveness. Customers, meanwhile, enjoyed an easy-to-use, connected experience thanks to the cloud platform.

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