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The Need for Intelligent Search Within Your Healthcare Website

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Are your patients or members getting the best experience from your website?

As healthcare websites have increasingly grown in importance, so has the search functionality within those sites. One of the key ways to optimize your member portal or patient-facing website is to ensure that they can easily find what they need on your site. Most websites these days are jam-packed with valuable information. Patients are on the site for a multitude of reasons – from identifying the right provider to accessing educational information, and so much more. Modernizing the search experience on your healthcare website can be key to providing the exceptional user experience that patients and members have come to expect.

Consider the following…
What if your members, patients, or prospective patients could get answers more quickly, and the most relevant results surfaced faster? If search results were personalized to that individual? What if you could delight your audience with an exceptional digital search experience on your website? Could you reduce inbound call inquiries? Solidify your position as a go-to source for information? Enlighten patients with information to help them be healthier?

Let’s face it – If users don’t quickly find what they need on your website, they will often become frustrated and possibly will look elsewhere for the information.

Not sure where to start? We help to strategize and implement the right tools so that you can optimize your website.

One of the many tools we help healthcare organizations to fully leverage is Coveo, an enterprise-class search platform that provides a unified approach to intelligent (AI-Powered) search for the digital workplace, customer support, self-service, and site search. Coveo pairs a large library of connectors with integrated machine-learning and usage analytics to help optimize the search experience for your users, identify trends and content gaps and to better understand what drives engagement and success for your organization.

Project Spotlight
In one recent example, Perficient was engaged to help a leading insurer based in Kentucky to enhance their digital customer experience with intelligent search functionality. Searching and navigating across multiple customer-facing websites was often frustrating due to a lack of cross-connectivity. The insurer wanted to provide a more fluid digital consumer experience by enabling intelligent search results for content across all its sites.​

Our team of experts helped the client to leverage Coveo’s machine learning (via automated relevance tuning) to deliver search results based on historical activity and similar user profile searches across multiple websites.

This has improved the search experience for its members – delivering accelerated, individualized, and more meaningful results. Additionally, the client now receives advanced analytics alerts about any content gaps so they can quickly be addressed.

Jumpstart Your Intelligent Search Transformation with Certified Experts.

We are one of just three certified Coveo Platinum Partners, specializing in Coveo for Salesforce and Coveo for Sitecore.  Perficient helps clients design, architect, and implement modern enterprise search solutions that empower your users to be more successful, and ultimately impact the customer experience. We offer a variety of services around strategic planning, project management, implementation, and various on-site quick start workshops.

More About Intelligent Search

Want to know more? Learn about intelligent search components that every site needs with our guide Top Tips to Boost Conversions with Personalized Site Search, which covers four key areas of site search:

  • The Search Box
  • Search Results
  • Contextual Search
  • Search Analytics & Reporting

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