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Is Your Oracle Siebel CTMS Application Slow?

Is your Oracle Siebel CTMS Application slow? Siebel message broadcasting could be the reason!

The Siebel message broadcasting feature is typically used by application system administrators to send important information to application end users about system downtime and system availability.

In recent Open UI versions of Siebel, this notification appears at the top right corner of the screen. When users run the BI Publisher report, the same message bar feature is also used to notify the user that the report has generated.

All of these broadcast messages are stored in a table named S_BRDCST_MSG and queried by the application to send a notification to the relevant user on the desired frequency. Though there may not be any new message, the table is still queried regularly by the application to check for a new message. This causes some application performance issues, as well as a potential delay in basic user navigation and general application usage. We recently had one of our customers who has a very high user volume and as a result, very heavy BIP report usage, that experienced application performance dip regularly.

The message broadcasting feature can be disabled in the object manager component level if the application does not use the feature. If the users are using this message broadcast feature,  a scheduled job can be built to expire and purge the old message records from the message broadcasting table, which, if done regularly, should address any performance lag resulting from this particular issue.

If your Oracle Siebel application has any issues or your organization needs guidance on how to optimize the usage of the application, please reach out to us.

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