Growing Healthcare and Digital Marketing Expertise with Acquisition of MedTouch

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Medtouch Logo High ResWe are thrilled to announce that we are expanding our capabilities in digital health solutions with the acquisition of MedTouch. MedTouch is an award-winning $13 million annual revenue digital healthcare marketing and technology consulting firm.

The imperative to provide customers with thoughtfully designed and effective digital experiences is at a high right now for healthcare providers and payers. In a recent report, Forrester says a company’s innovation investments and efforts should be driven by customer experience insights, and that this is exceptionally true for healthcare providers. Because “the lives and well-being of their customers are the sources of future value”.  According to Forrester, healthcare companies that innovate to improve the human condition are helping to position their firm to be a market leader.

MedTouch and a History of Helping Healthcare Organizations

MedTouch has seen this first hand for many years. Healthcare companies turn to MedTouch to help improve multiple facets of their organization. This includes customer experience, acquire more patients, nurture engagement with their patients, and increase loyalty. They do this by partnering with digital experience platform providers including Sitecore, Salesforce, and Acquia. With these long-term, trusted partnerships, they deliver strategic solutions that provide impactful digital experiences that are unmatched.

Similarly, Perficient has been delivering digital technology consulting solutions to leading payer, provider and pharmaceutical organizations for decades:

A Shared Passion and Vision for Healthcare Organizations

Like MedTouch, we’re passionate about helping healthcare organizations give their patients and customers the right information and care where and when they need it most. In joining forces, this will enhance our ability to help all of our healthcare clients provide the communities they serve with high-quality and cost-effective healthcare. As well as enhance the patient’s and members’ experience and achieve operational excellence. Now we will expand upon our healthcare experience, strengthen our experience and expertise across our highly-skilled, growing Sitecore practice, and grow our team of healthcare marketers with this incredible new team.

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Erin E. Moloney is Director of Marketing at Perficient, Inc.

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